i-DayTrader EA

i-DayTrader EA

23 May 2017, 12:58
Bernhard Stremayr

i-DayTrader EA

– A premium automated Trading System –


This site gives you all important information about the new MT4 Expert Advisor "i-DayTrader" and how to maximize profit when copying the EA's signal.

Signal @ mql5.com: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/296875

Multi account monitoring: http://goo.gl/ziWs8F

Backtests (with 6 units of account currency for commission per lot round-turn): http://goo.gl/uibVQ3

Alternative possibility to follow the system: http://goo.gl/etaZBA

Best broker and trading conditions: http://goo.gl/1HKNeY

EA Description

Almost two years of ongoing research and development finally resulted in a new approach to consistently outperform the foreign exchange market (forex, FX).

The i-DayTrader can be described as a short-term trend-following system with innovative calculations to determine the ideal entry and exit conditions for a long or short position. The algorithm currently is optimized for several timeframes of the most liquid symbols:

- EURUSD, H1 / M30 / M15 / M5
- GBPUSD, H1 / M30 / M15 / M5
- USDJPY, H1 / M30 / M15
- USDCAD, H1 / M30 / M15
- USDCHF, H1 / M30
- NZDUSD, H1 / M30


The system is customized to best suit the mql5.com signal followers' needs regarding safety and risk/return ratio. The i-DayTrader:

- allows for choosing the max risk per position of equity (e.g. 2,5 %)
- allows for choosing the max number of simultaneously open positions (e.g. 4)
- allows for choosing the max leverage used per position (e.g. 1:25)
- always sets initially hard stop loss / take profit to protect all positions
- allows to limit the maximum accepted spread (and also slippage @ some brokers)
- in most cases opens positions at bar opening (M5, M15, M30 or H1)
- in most cases closes positions at bar close (exception SL/TP)
- holds positions averagely for a few hours
- has been optimized with real ECN tick data from Dukascopy
- has been backtested with realistic values for spreads, commissions and swaps


For an example of the compounding effect’s power when trading this system solely on EURUSD-M30 the following two figures are shown [1 point = 0.00001]:

For a demonstration of the system’s robustness the following figure shows the backtest performance of the i-DayTrader 2004 - 2017 when only trading EURUSD-M30 and GBPUSD-M15 with a fixed risk per position of 1000 USD (initial deposit = 1 million USD) and only one open position allowed per symbol:

For a better image quality please click here:


Stay tuned for UPDATES!

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