Message to Subscribers

23 March 2017, 16:50
Romell Basilan


Dear Subscriber,

Before subscribing to this signal, I would like you to consider the following information;

1. If you are subscribing from a US regulated broker and having the leverage of 1:50, you need to understand that my leverage and trading style might affect your portfolio.

My account leverage     :    1:100

Trading strategy level    :   USD 500.00 (I will trade at this level even my balance will be more)

Maximum open trade at 0.01 lot    :    Five (5) consecutive open trades (maybe increase depending on profit potential but account of the subscriber will still be considered)

At 0.01 lot size on EURUSD my margin is USD 10.80 or 2.16% of my account at USD 500.00 (depends on currency pair and broker).

If I increase my lot size to 0.05, then my margin will be USD 54.00 or 10.8% of my account at USD 500.00.

Considering the above information on subscribers account, the following would be the possible impact;

Subscriber account leverage                      :  1:50

Minimum account balance requirements      :   USD 500.00

At 0.01 lot, subscriber margin is USD 21.60 or 43.2% from his account balance.

If I increase to 0.05 lot size, subscribers margin is USD 108.00 or 21.6% from his account balance. In this case, subscribers account will be vulnerable to margin call if the account balance is below the minimum requirements.

2. If you are a subscriber who has account leverage of 1:100 and above, there will be no issue on the account margin difference. But due to risk control, the profit expected from higher leverage will not be achieved.

3. For subscriber who need to follow FIFO rules, my trading strategy will ensure that it would follow the rules as much as possible to reduce/control the risk of my subscribers account.

As a signal provider, I understand the risk that I may put into my subscribers account. It’s my responsibility to managed/control those risk at my very best to ensure that my subscribers will be comfortable while being subscribe to my signal.

As a signal provider, I don’t promise for a consistent profit. My previous performance should not be used as a basis of my trading success.

As a signal provider, I rely only on my trading strategies and speculation on the market movement. There might have unforeseen circumstances that might affect my trading performance and trading portfolio that is beyond my control.

My Trading guidelines;

1. Manual trading

2. No stop loss

3. Uses micro lot

4. Uses BB and MA indicator for ENTRY

5. TP can be manual or Pre-determined


This strategy is medium risk that requires a minimum amount of USD 500.00. All Entry are calculated according to the signal generated by the Two (2) indicator.

This trading signal is for long term trader only that has a goal to increase profit gradually. 



Warm Regards,

Romell Basilan


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