Aussie Computer Scientist Dr Craig Wright Claims He Created Bitcoins

13 January 2017, 07:57
Ahmad Hassam

Who created bitcoins? This has been the million dollar question for many years.

It is alleged that one unknown Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto published a research paper in 2008: "Bitcoin- A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System."

In 2009 he practically implemented the suggestions in that paper and bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency was born.

In 2010 he vanished and no one has been able to trace Satoshi Nakamoto.

But it is believed that he owns 1 million bitcoins as he created the first bitcoin ledger and wallet.

In January 2016, an Aussie computer scientist Dr. Craig Wright claimed that he is the person who had created the bitcoin.

You can read this blog post in which I have explained whether this Aussie computer scientists is the real bitcoin inventor or not.

Dr. Craig Wright has been interviewed by a number of very important online financial magazines.

Some believe he is the true inventor while others are questioning his claims.

Dr. Craig Wright needs to show he is the owner of 1 million bitcoins that were minted in the very start by Satoshi Nakamoto.

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