How To Trade Naked On M15 Chart?

9 January 2017, 07:14
Ahmad Hassam

15 minute chart is good for scalping.

On M15 chart you can catch good 500-100 pips moves easily depending on the currency pair.

Candlestick patterns on M15 chart when combined with support and resistance can be good signals.

Read this post in which I have posted a 30 minute video tutorial that explains how to trade on M15 chart naked.

For a pair like GBPUSD, M15 chart can easily make 50-100 pips.

On a pair like EURUSD, M15 chart can make 20-40 pips.

It depends on the currency pair how much you can make on average on M15 chart.

Support and resistance are important for trading on M15 chart.

Naked trading is a powerful concept that you should master.

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