Do you have the makings of a trader?

17 December 2016, 06:15
Muhammad Elbermawi

Do you have the makings of a trader?



All young people dream of becoming Ronaldo or Messi but only very few succeed in the end. Trading is no different from football: one should be born to it!

Trading might be your passion, and I fully understand that because it's mine too. But in this world, there are dozens of other alternatives for which you are probably more gifted: stock exchange journalist, technical analyst, algorithm or indicator programmer, trading blogger, commercial agent, to mention but a few. The most important thing is to have as soon as possible the lucidity to know and recognize what you were born for. This will save you time and money and, most importantly, it will allow you to succeed in your true calling.

Most of those who have missed their professional life had taken too much time to change course and lost their way to financial and personal success. They generally refuse to hear or see all the signs that could awaken them... under the pretext that they should persevere, improve, read more books, take more professional courses or become more rigorous. They are fooling themselves and lying to their families.

You might be a sales champion and do really well in promoting an indicator, a system or a broker online; earning millions of euro selling your multilingual online video training in trading. Everything remains possible if you stop dreaming of absolutely becoming a trading champion.

Of course, everyone (brokers, financial advisors, newspapers) recommends that you persist and keeps repeating that you will end up achieving your goal if you hold to it. But let's be realistic: how many manage it?

If I take the liberty of underlining these words in the first page of my site it is because, during the 25 years of my career as trader, teacher and lecturer, I have seen hundreds of lives shattered and families destroyed because of this ostrich attitude.

Giving up false hopes is certainly one of the most important decisions of our lives.

Often, failure has more to do with our personality and temperament than with our lack of experience or training. We all have a more or less hidden talent, may be not the one we are dreaming of, but one thing is for certain: illusions never lead to the discovery of genius.

There is no point in mastering the center of gravity and other techniques if you do not control yourself. There is a difference between tools and the ability to use them. And be clear:

Do you want to earn money or to be right?

Do you easily accept losing? Does gain easily go to your head?

A good trader is a boxer who is hit, who is patient enough to wait for the right moment and is not looking for the KO to come all at once. Round after round, he slowly but surely collects points ... until the fatal blow presents itself. Then everything becomes easy.

Mohamed Ali used to say:

“Champions are made from something they have deep inside them—a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”

Only 5% of you have the talent for being or becoming good traders. My tips and indicators can’t do anything for the others, apart from directing them to another area where they will have greater chances of becoming champions.

You will not find this type of "negative hints" in trading books and sites because the world of finance needs your money to survive. It needs to keep you on the track that will bleed your bank account.

This is not a trading site. It is a free guide to show you how to gradually cut a path through the jungle of finance, while remaining lucid about your real abilities to "accept" uppercuts.

By El Mostafa Belkhayate

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