Will the Federal Reserve Cement December Rate Hike Bets?

Will the Federal Reserve Cement December Rate Hike Bets?

29 October 2016, 15:12
Mohammad Soubra

Will the Federal Reserve Cement December Rate Hike Bets?

 Saturday, Oct 29, 2016


USD/JPY Rally Vulnerable to Wait-and-See BoJ, 7 to 3 FOMC Split

The FOMC's November interest rate decision may fuel the near-term rally in USD/JPY as the central bank appears to be following a similar path to 2015, but more of the same from the BoJ accompanied by another lackluster U.S. NFP report may undermine the recent advance in the exchange rate as it erodes the case for a further deviation in monetary policy.

Dollar Traders: Election Speculation, Fed Decision and Risk Fears

What fundamental winds bode well for the US Dollar and which portend trouble? There are simplistic expectations set out for the world’s most liquid currency, and that can lead to misconceptions and unwanted surprise for traders.

Aussie Dollar May Look Past RBA as FOMC, NFP Take Center Stage

The Australian Dollar may overlook a status-quo RBA rate decision as prices seek fuel for a breakout in the FOMC policy announcement and US employment data.

Gold Prices: Calm Before the Storm as Focus Shifts to FOMC, NFP

Gold prices were fractionally higher this week with the precious metal up nearly 1% to trade at 1275 ahead of the New York close on Friday.

Poloz Backtracks but CAD Stays Weak: Is More Stimulus on the Horizon?

In a world in which Central Banks have become the primary driver of most global economic trends, markets have built-in a tendency to draw inference from the slightest of suggestions.

Record Trade Deficit Puts Pressure on RBNZ to Cut

The New Zealand Dollar has been in salvage mode since October 13 as it recovers from a near 6% drop over 26 trading days that began in early September.

Yuan May Drop Further Against Dollar as Long as Firms to Basket

The offshore Yuan dropped to record lows this week, with the USD/CNH touching 6.7984 on Friday.




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