Yen Falls Against Majors

Yen Falls Against Majors

4 July 2016, 07:04
Roberto Jacobs

Yen Falls Against Majors

The Japanese yen weakened against the other major currencies in the Asian session on Monday.

The yen fell to a 10-day low of 73.84 against the NZ dollar, from Friday's closing value of 73.46.

The yen dropped to 114.51 against the euro, 136.69 against the pound and 105.62 against the Swiss franc, from last week's closing quotes of 114.09, 135.70 and 105.19, respectively.

Against the U.S. and the Canadian dollars, the yen edged down to 102.80 and 79.73 from Friday's closing quotes of 102.46 and 79.35, respectively.

If the yen extends its downtrend, it is likely to find support around 78.00 against the kiwi, 123.00 against the euro, 162.00 against the pound, 112.00 against the franc, 108.00 against the greenback and 83.00 against the loonie.

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