Two in the hat now for Conservative leadership race

29 June 2016, 17:56
Sherif Hasan

Another runner make an official entrance

Liam Fox is the former Secretary of Defence and he's just announced he'll be running for the top job.

Along with Stephen Crabb, they are the only people to have officially stated their intention to run.

There's other still doing their canvassing rounds and the big two, Boris Johnson and Teresa May are expected to join the race officially in the next few hours.

The deadline is noon tomorrow.

If we get a huge swathe of MP's putting themselves in the running, that could bring some uncertainty to the pound. What longs will want is a nice clean quick race. Usually the frontrunners will do deals with lesser participants to give them cushy jobs in the future, if they back down. It's all deals and back scratching.

Liam Fox is in.

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