Fin Min Osborne says it's the clear the UK is now going to be poorer

28 June 2016, 10:08
Sherif Hasan

UK finance minister Osborne speaking to BBC radio 28 June 2016

  • crucial to provide fiscal stability
  • UK in prolonged period of economic adjustment
  • decisions on taxes, spending to come under new PM
  • absolutely going to have to cut spending and raise taxes
  • stands by decision to hold referendum
  • pro-Remain candidate can become PM, not backing any runners for the moment
  • own role in next govt depends on new leader

Isn't it time he stepped down and gave a man with his glass half-full a chance to take this forward?

Osborne earlier ruled himself out of the Conservative Party leadership, and hence PM, contest.

Osborne - Looking for another job soon?

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