19 May 2016, 08:52
Diego Bonifacio
Our automated trading system called "Moon", which also gives its name to our trading signal, arises from the need to find a valid operational tool that generates a steady return over time without jeopardizing the initial capital.
In fact, special attention was given to money management, this aspect has enabled us to develop a stable and reliable trading strategy that generates a low Drawdown.

Moon operates on the market in a cautious opening few operations in order to more easily manage a possible Loss, works by using Stop Loss and Trailing Stop placing market orders at certain key levels taking advantage of the market volatility and the breakout.

The growth is not high, but gradual and constant!!!
This trading signal is ideal for those with a low initial deposit.

Trading Room 3.1 makes available the MQL5 community three trading signals meant for different accounts entity and all derived from a single automated trading system that manages them. our signals allows to protect our money management and I guarantee a steady profit over time.

Good Trading to everyone!!!
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