Experts of Limited Knowledge, And no Enthusiasm

Experts of Limited Knowledge, And no Enthusiasm

2 August 2015, 10:00

The Financial World, Money matters, and significance of better business models for over all profit.

Dear fellow Developers and business partners of the forum.

As we all know, developing highly sophisticated expert advisors requires deep understanding of market behavior, and some level of mathematics.

As we are offering our knowledge in code to customers with limited understanding of our code practices, statistics, financial models, and the motivations we have in order that we execute sales for our gains, and the trust of our customers with high expectations with little or no poker strategies in the world of finance.

I am quite sure that some of you have many years of programming experience, and knowledge of this business. But I would rather believe that we live in a world of change, and better life conditions, for which it would be most essential to prove our knowledge and experience in order to make real products that would move our market forward into real sophisticated products that deliver at least 30% of the expected returns. Customers are getting clever, and Coders need money in order to break the barriers of complexity.

Everyone of you can make the change. Be more creative, and don't settle for the number of products  in accumulated thousands of code lines with no success. Instead develop few meaningful experts that proclaim the knowledge and your enthusiasm to make a change. Advance your knowledge if you feel that you have any limitations. And don't fool yourself by believing that some magical moment will increase your income to over come your financial limitations.

This post is for you all developers and customers alike. As a wish that we will progress in our dreams manifested into reality.

Thank you for your time and patience to read the underline meaning of our communications.

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