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FFx Hidden TPSL Manager

The FFx Hidden Manager panel will help you to manage easily your orders directly on the chart. Below all features described:

  • TP, SL and TrailingStop are hidden
  • Each order has its own lines on chart
  • Drag & Drop any line to change the TP/SL as per your need
  • Option to move automatically the SL line at breakeven when TP #1 is reached
  • Option to choose the TP/SL type (by pips or price)
  • Option to choose the TrailingStop type (by pips, MA, Fractals, PSAR or ATR)
  • Define which order(s) you want to manage on the current chart (all orders or specific one(s) with their ticket number)
  • Button to maximize / minimize the panel
  • Drag and Drop the panel anywhere on the chart
  • Option to display the managed trades infos

How to use it? (see also the screenshots below)

  • Select the order(s) you want to manage (all or a specific one)
  • Set your Targets, SL and TS … then click “place”. They all work separately so you can set only the one(s) needed.
  • If you want to remove a TP, SL or TS, select the right order … then click “remove”
  • When you set with “all current symbol” selected, the “current settings” are shown in the panel. These settings will be automatically used for all new incoming orders. To reset/remove these settings, click “reset all”.
  • If “Show Trades Infos” is selected, a new small table will display below the panel with each order and its current targets and TS settings … it updates in real time if the lines are moved on the chart.

 If you need further clarifications, feel free to drop me an email. You can find it in my profile under "all contacts".

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2018.11.09 17:24 


Ye Li
Ye Li 2017.09.17 13:16   

The problem has already been solved,thank you!

John Brennan
John Brennan 2017.05.09 09:30 

Really, really useful tool. Big bonus. it saves time setting stops etc when placing trades.

I highly recommend adding this to your toolkit for trading

easetup 2016.09.13 17:13 

It works very well

Nacho 2016.01.30 12:23 

This EA really works!! and it gives me "peace of mind" to use it..Besides, Eric is always helpfull and gives you a fast response to any problem or question you may have. Definitely a highly recommendable tool!!

Mujeeb Abdul
Mujeeb Abdul 2015.03.14 01:03 

Excellent tool for reducing losses increasing Profits

Joachim Reichelmann
Joachim Reichelmann 2014.10.25 10:29 

Thats my 2. tool i bought from Eric and one custom job, he did for me... I can say honestly, that this tool is absolutely great to manage your trades.

And also the programmer is a real specialist and a very honest person. Just appreciated all the contacts and the results. Thank you FerrFX also for the great free tools you are giving to the community.

ttfxvaus 2014.06.18 12:38 

I've tried a lot of EAs to manage my trades and protect my profits, this FFx Hidden TPSL Manager is the best. Whatever your strategies are, I think you will need this EA. Very nicely done. Thanks FerruFX!

Chris Makinde
Chris Makinde 2014.06.12 05:43 

So far One of the Best Investments, would never Trade without it, AS Simple as ABC to USE and Quite Effective, I Even put my PC to Sleep Mode , turned it on after a Few HOURS and the FFx HIDDEN Manager SPRANG ALIVE, A Wonderfully Thought CONCEPT !