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FFx OutsideBar Setup Alerter

FFx OutsideBar Setup Alerter gives trade suggestions with Entry, Target 1, Target 2 and StopLoss.

Below are the different options available:

  • Entry suggestion - pips to be added over the break for the entry.
  • 3 different options to calculate the SL - by pips, by ATR multiplier or at the pattern High/Low.
  • 3 different options to calculate the 2 TPs - by pips, by ATR multiplier or at Risk/Reward.
  • Offset the dashboard - any place on the chart.
  • Remove the suggestion once the price reached the SL line.
  • Lines extension away from the current candle.
  • All colors changeable - Background, text, Buy/Sell, entry and TP/SL.
  • Alert when a setup is found - sound / popup / email / push notification.

Once a suggestion is given, you can confirm it with your own chart analysis. Generally the best setups to be traded are the ones occurring around important support/resistance, round numbers, supply and demand zones, etc.

Wish you all the best in your trading. Thank you for your confidence.


1q2w3ezx 2019.11.15 01:35 

Awesome indicators....just needs to be able to show historical would be great help.

Aravind 2019.04.12 04:28 

Another gem of an indicator!

Version 1.1 2020.04.08