Precious metals do not revolve around Greece

30 六月 2015, 12:53
Xianjing Qian

Comment: Monday by the Greek bailout negotiations without fruit gold gapped up 1188 to nearby, today Greece refused to pay 15.5 billion euros of IMF debt, the IMF is classified as overdue arrears. Before the promulgation of this Sunday's Greek referendum results, the converting of precious metals have greater volatility, precious metal current trend of Greece's problems reflect the problem, the latter may there will be a correction, but this week to see. Silver rose yesterday gapped has been exhaustively recovered, the microscopic improvement. Even this week several important data bullish silver, fear is difficult to reverse the vulnerable situation, at least for now can determine the long-term bullish precious metals conditions are not ripe. 15.50, 15.80 in the presence of short-term trading opportunity to grasp the operation of the warehouse.


  Operation strategy: daily charts, silver convergence of the triangular shape to breakthrough the structure has failed, investors fear will continue dropping find low build support, but the short-term observation 15.50 support can consider buying, is only suitable for the days of short-term, above the resistance can consider convergence of the triangle upper bound to suppress line near 15.80. Considering the impact of this week's news on the surface of the more, the proposed only consider short-term trading, long-term trading unified give up. The publication of several big data in the United States can not make the trend of silver trend.


  Compared with silver, gold due to the traditional monetary function, gold trend slightly strong. Gold can be considered 1174 support, the price fell yesterday to support the operation of a low level of more single. Objectives can be considered 1184, this week, the relevant news in the evening, the evening of the night trading need to focus on the impact of the news.
Interim observation: the focus of the market last week, the focus is still on the dollar rate hike rhythm, this week, the rapid transfer to Greece is back in europe. At present, the fluctuations of precious metals are observed, and the expectation of the withdrawal of the Greek is obviously insufficient, including the euro. More money tends to Greece will not exit the euro area, so the price reaction is relatively flat. But Greece is not open around the topic, this week, next week is particularly important, ADP data to be released this week, non farm payrolls data has already become a foil. Overall, this week, the volatility is relatively flat, the data market is difficult to make your metal out of a decent trend, can be considered to do data after the publication of data impact reverse. See price return, may be a good opportunity to teach good, in addition to the case of no news to promote the case of small fluctuations, there is only a few days of short-term trading opportunities.
Strategy: bargain
Build warehouse: 16.50
Target position: 16.70
Stop position: 16.30

Expected position: 16.70