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Standard KDJ

The standard KDJ indicator is presented by KING.Ai. This indicator were built base on the the theory of KDJ. KDJ is a very effective and useful strategy to trade especially in swing trading.

Method to apply (please also refer to the graphic):

  • 80/20 rule: Price from bottom to top 20 to 80. And price from top to bottom 80 to 20. Both is enter market signal.
  • Indicator period: The indicator is made by period 9,3,3

KING.Ai Forex trader believe that such strategy must complement with other indicator to form a trading system. 

Please do not use this indicator solely. You are recommended to integrate all your technical skills to determine the side of breakout, upward or downward, with trend analysis.

A Forex trader must not miss this indicator. Don’t miss the chance! 

If you need other indicators to complement your strategy, please visit our store. The combined use of multiple indicators, which can be found in our store, is highly recommended for risk diversification and profit maximization.

Each indicator does not promise success or winning in every single trade. Customer needs to bear their own risk. Our store is not responsible for any customers’ loss in trade.

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