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  This trading robot has advanced methods of measuring volatility and measuring the standard price range. It places a trading order when the market breaks through the "standard price range" and other trading conditions are met.


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  • Only one trade is always open and is secured by a small StopLoss.
    • The setup of this EA was designed to be simple and understandable even for inexperienced users.
    • The default setting is for currency pairs on TF M1.
    • The lowest fees and slippage ensure the best results.


    • AnalysisTF– Time frame for calculations and analysis
    • OrderDistanceOrder pending distance
    • Max spreadMaximum allowed spread size when placing an order
    • Lot– The size of the trade in lots
    • Risk % - Automatic lot calculation based on SL size
    • TP– TakeProfit
    • SL– StopLoss
    • SL on BE In the set profit, SL moves to the opening price
    • BEplus– … for “SL on BE” function.
    • TrailingSL Start– SL starts to move from this profit.
    • Magic Each EA must have a different Magic number
    • comment - Text commentary for trade

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