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Trended Digital Oscillator

Oscillators are, by nature, exemple of any trend information. This indicator is "trended", meaning is it reacting to trend as well:

if the oscillator is in the UPPER part of the window, then trade only BUYs.

if the oscillator is in the LOWER part of the window, then trade only SELLs;

You can also choose to start trading when the trend begins (see Alerts)

Parameter description:

  • lookbackOsc : Period of the yellow line (the digital oscillator). (default = 14)
  • DSFast :  Fast Period of the oscillator (default = 3)
  • DSSlow : Slow Period of the oscillator (default = 5)
  • BandFactor : Global factor of the periods of the oscillator (default = 0.5)

Trend Parameters :

  • trendPeriod : Period of the main trend. (default = 111)
  • trendNum : takes the average of the last "trendNum" bars of the MovingAverage. (default = 40)
  • MAStrength : Strength of the Moving Average. Higher value means a more "squashed" curve. (default = 6)
  • MAMode : Mode of the Moving Average. (default = MODE_SMA)

Alerts Parameters :

  • TrendBeginningAlert : when the upper or lower gray line is departed from extremums (0 or 100), the trend is considered to have begun. You can be alerted for that.
  • ExtremumsAlert : when the upper or lower gray line is touching the extremums (0 or 100) an alert can be sent.
  • AlertWaitEndOfBar : Wait for the end of bar to send Alert
  • extern bool AudioAlert : MT4 Alert
  • extern bool EmailAlert : Email Alert
  • extern bool PushAlert : Push (mobile) Alert

Yves Murundelger
Yves Murundelger 2019.06.17 18:20 

Good indi need to run more time

Версия 1.10 2019.06.18
i added the maxbars parameter (set to 200 by default) because some users complained about the indi freezing their platform

i don't have this problem but i think it might come from a high number of data on lower TF (like M1 or M5)

the solution is to reduce the number of past bars displayed.