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Forex Live Tester Simulator Backtesting Report

With this software you can test your Forex strategies live. Compatible with Meta Trader 4. Extra features are available. You can trade through the panel. You can put signs with Fish Hook. In addition, your strategy test is saved to the file folder in csv format. You can review these reports with CSV Quick Viewer. One Lot can do with Scalp. Your account also determines the lot based on the amount of money found. It gives you information about the transaction before you open the transaction. You can see the return places by making special calculation with the line system. You can play the chart automatically with the Pause / Play button. You can see the results of your testing purposes live. With the Load button you can monitor your past transactions. You can load a special indicator with the indicator button. Fibo Expension levels are automatically drawn. You can stop the drawing with the scroll button. Displays some return locations as a level.
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