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SureFire Revolution

Please do not trust any backtest result. Use a demo account to try it.

SureFire is a well-known Martingale Hedging strategy in Forex trading.  No need to predict market direction. 

This expert is not just an ordinary Sure Fire strategy, but reinvented the trade setup logic based on calculations. 

Good money management is the critical factor to run this EA. 

Highly aggressive in trading big market movement. Definitely the best tool in a volatile market. 

LIVE TRADE signal is here: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/569822

Check before you buy :)

Recommended setup:

  1. At least 1000 USD
  2. Tight spread, volatile pairs
  3. 1:500 leverage
  4. Timeframe does not matter


  1. initial deal: direction of entry trade
  2. takeprofit: pips to tp
  3. stoploss: pips to sl
  4. fixed lot: lot size of initial deal, 0.01 lot is recommended
  5. martin_koeff: multiplier of each step
  6. distance: distance between each step, default setting is recommended
  7. params_digits: decimal place setting. Default setting is 4. Put 2 for JPY pairs

Please contact me regarding the settings before you start trading. 

An Excel calculator for PNL and risk analysis will be provided to lifetime buyer. 

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