Globally updated Urban Scalper 1.3

Globally updated Urban Scalper 1.3

10 января 2020, 20:00
Volha Loyeva

Globally updated Urban Scalper 1.3

So, FRIENDS . What awaits us in the new global update of the Urban Scalper Expert Advisor ?!

First of all, update 1.3 is aimed at simplifying the use, at disconnecting from the strong dependence of the adviser on the conditions of the broker.

Update 1.3:

- Affected structural changes in the trading system. The algorithm for opening and closing orders has been changed.

- the adviser will be configured for a longer TF and increased Profit and StopLoss values, which will remove the dependence of the trading system on the spread and slippage

- trade will be conducted on only one currency pair. Several sets will be made for different currency pairs and everyone will be able to choose the most suitable for themselves. The terminal will not be overloaded with a large number of currency pairs.

- the number of orders will increase (3 - 12 per day)

- The increase in TF allowed us to add a hedging system. Only 1 minus - drawdown will increase slightly, but each set will close in profit

- small changes in custom settings. From the essential - the AutoLot parameter will be added, when selected, the adviser will automatically calculate the recommended lot size based on the current balance

The release is scheduled for early next week. Waiting for FRIENDS) 

And now the final breakthrough of our global update Urban Sclper 1.3. 

Already almost everything conceived has been realized and there are preliminary results of testing on old TFs with a simulation quality of 99.9%

Click on GIF and watch

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