EA News

EA News

2 сентября 2019, 21:28
Konstantin Kotlov

User manual

EA News is an indicator-less news trading Expert Advisor that includes multiple strategies for trading rapid price swings. It is designed to simplify the placement of pending orders at a specified distance from the price of price channel. The EA can trade both the price breakouts and rebounds.

There are two trading modes:

  1. Automatic - the EA downloads the news from the site http://ec.forexprostools.com/. When it finds the symbol of the currency pair and the specified volatility of the news, it places pending orders several minutes before the release.
  2. Manual - pending orders are placed during the specified period. In all trading modes, the placed orders are modified depending on the current price or channel. In case of a sudden change, one of the orders is triggered and the other is deleted.

In all trading modes, placed orders change depending on the current price or channel. With a sharp change, one of the orders is triggered, and the other is deleted. The EA features transfer of orders to breakeven and trailing stop. When trading in automatic mode, it is necessary to allow WebRequest for the following URL: http://ec.forexprostools.com/. When placing pending orders in manual mode, there are several options for entering the time period. Example 1: “2003.8.12 17:35”. Example 2: “17:35” - return the current date with the specified time. Example 3: “2003.8.12” - return the date with the midnight time “00:00”.


  • PlacingOrders - select the automatic or manual trading mode
  • StartTime\EndTime - start\end of the period for placing and modifying pending orders in manual mode
  • Monday\Tuesday\Wednesday\Thursday\Friday - enable/disable trading by day of the week
  • SymbolNews - symbol of the news (multiple symbols can be listed, separated by ;)
  • AutoGMT - auto/manual definition of a GMT time zone
  • TerminalGMT - enter a time zone manually
  • HighVol - enable/disable placing orders at high volatility
  • ModerateVol - enable/disable placing orders at moderate volatility
  • LowVol - enable/disable placing orders at low volatility
  • NewsEvent - Enable/Disable the news event display in the chart window
  • VerticalLine - draw a vertical line in automatic trading mode
  • clrHigh - color of the vertical line for high volatility
  • clrModerate - color of the vertical line for moderate volatility
  • clrLow - color of the vertical line for high low volatility
  • InpStyle - style of the vertical line
  • InpWidth - width of the vertical line
  • MinutesToOpening - the number of minutes before the news release to start placing orders (for the automatic trading mode)
  • Buy\Sell - select the type, Stop or Limit orders
  • TakeProfitBuy\TakeProfitSell - take profit for buy\sell orders
  • StopLossBuy\StopLossSell - stop loss for buy\sell orders
  • MaxOrders - maximum number of open orders
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread
  • Indent - select the offset from the Price or Channel
  • DistanceBuy\DistanceSell - distance to place buy\sell orders
  • ChannelBars - the number of bars to measure the high and low levels of the channel
  • ChannellColor - channel color
  • ModifyStep - step for modification
  • MoneyManagement - money management: 1. FixedLot - fixed. 2. Balans - based on total balance. 3. FreeMargin - based on free margin. 4. Equity - based on equity
  • Lot - lot size when using fixed calculation
  • RiskPercent - value of risk as a percentage for lot calculation
  • AfterLoss - increase the lot size after a losing trade
  • FirstPartialClose - number of points before the first close, if 0 is disabled
  • FirstPercentCloseLot - the percentage of the lot to close the first part (if 0 then FirstCloseLot)
  • FirstCloseLot - lot to close the first part (works only when FirstPercentCloseLot=0)
  • SecondPartialClose - number of points before the second close, if 0 is disabled
  • SecondPercentCloseLot - the percentage of the lot to close the second part (if 0 then SecondCloseLot)
  • SecondCloseLot - lot to close the second part (works only when SecondPercentCloseLot=0)
  • Trailing - select 'Simple' trailing, transfer to 'Breakeven' or 'Off'
  • TrailingStop - trailing or breakeven size
  • Magic - unique magic number for identifying positions
  • ExpirationOfOrder - enable/disable the expiration time for the pending orders. If an order is not triggered before EndTime + MinutesExpiry, the order is deleted
  • MinutesExpiry - order expiration time in minutes, must be at least 10 minutes!
  • DeleteOrders - enable/disable deleting pending orders
  • SecondsToDelete - seconds to delete the pending orders after EndTime ends
  • ClosingOrders - enable/disable closing open orders
  • MinuteToClosing - minutes before closing open orders after EndTime ends
  • OppositeOfClosure - (when one of the pending orders is triggered) Enables/Disables closing of the opposite pending order
  • mSecSleep - delay between modification of orders. Time is in milliseconds (1 second = 1000 milliseconds)(does not work in the tester!)
  • Slippage - slippage

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