Testing Advisor Urban_Zone

Testing Advisor Urban_Zone

3 июня 2019, 15:18
Volha Loyeva

Testing Advisor


DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TEST THIS WORK IN THE STRATEGY TEST , since at high speeds the indicator zones will not have time to rebuild and you will get a picture with a huge number of zones (or without them), which is absolutely not true to reality.

1 screenshot taken when testing at high speeds

Март- апрель 2019

2 screenshot at low speeds on the same time interval, which is much more true

Март- апрель 2019

IF YOU ALL WANT to TEST EXPERT in the strategy tester, be sure to follow the recommendations below, which will help to understand the principle of operation, but again there will be a sufficiently large error, because the Sleep function is taken into account before opening the order (waiting for the zones and market analysis), which does not work in the strategy tester. Those. orders can be opened, which should not be and vice versa.

1) before use, make sure that the currency pairs used in trading are loaded in the MT4 terminal in the Market Watch window
1) Download the indicator from the link above and move them to the indicators folder
2) in the tester of the adviser, click "expert properties" and load .set files that can be downloaded from the link above
3) turn on the "Visualization" mode (if it is not there, drag the tester and it will appear from below) and press "Start", then immediately press "Pause"
4) add a template to the appeared testing schedule, which is by the link above
5) further we press a pause, but we do not set the speed, because the indicator may not have time to redraw important areas, which will lead to "superficial results"

6) enjoy the results

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