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The automatic trading system ReactorScalpig is made in order to completely exclude the trader from routine transactions to make transactions. Advisor independently monitors the market.

With each arrival of a new quote, the trading expert analyzes the market situation for compliance with one of the embedded trading systems.

If the adviser's algorithm determines the probability of making a profit on a transaction of more than 80%, the adviser opens a position.

Each position has a take profit and stop loss.

Dangerous trading methods are not used.
It is recommended to use for trading on the following trading instruments: 15m - EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, USDCAD.


  • MaxRisk - Maximum risk for the calculation of the trading lot;
  • if MaxRisk = 0, Lot will be - If MaxRisk = 0, the lot will be like this;
  • Max lot - You can limit the maximum lot;
  • Take Profit - Take Profit;
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss;
  • SAR-step - SAR $ indicator step
  • Maximum number of orders - the maximum number of simultaneous orders;
  • Trailing-stop on / off - enable trailing stop;
  • Trailing Start - Start trailing stop;
  • First Trailing Level - First stop loss setting level;
  • Trailing Step - step of the trailing stop;
  • Use the adviser's working time? - The use of the trading interval;
  • The hour of commencement of trade - Hour start trading;
  • Minute of commencement of trade - Minute to start trading;
  • Hour of the end of trade - Hour of the end of trade;
  • Minute of the end of trade - Minute of the end of the trade;
  • Comment to order - Comment on the opened orders;
  • Slippage - slippage level;
  • Max Spread - Maximum Spread;
  • Magic Number - The magic number for distinguishing your orders.
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