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OneClick Analysis

This tool that enables you to use analysis tools easily and with just a click.

Draw Support and Resistance levels, Fibonacci levels, Shapes, Channels, Trend lines and all other objects. Just click the button, move the mouse and that's it.

You can use demo version from here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/30548

You can use MetaTrader 5 version from here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/15003

Followings are main features

  1. You can use one chart for all symbols: You can use the same windows to see different charts, the indicator automatically hides objects from other symbol and show it again when you come back to the first symbol.
  2. Object Copier: With this tool you can open multiple chart, different time frames. The indicator automatically copy all objects at the same time to all charts have same symbol.
  3. How it works:
    • Press "G" hotkey to show/hide the panel.
    • move the pointer, click on hotkey... the object will be drawn, that's it.
    • you can control the style of object.
    • you can control the color of object.
    • you can control the width of object.
    • you can add the level you want, just add (:) after each level like this: "0.0: 0.382: 0.5: 0.618: 1.0", for objects like Fibonacci and Fibonacci Channel.
    • you can choose if you want show object's description or not.
  4. objects: this tool allow you to create these objects:
    • Lines: Support and Resistance: first Line and second Line to draw stronger levels with another color and another style, Vertical Lines, Trend lines.
    • Channels: Channels, Regression Channel, StdDev Channel.
    • Fibonacci: Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci Times Zone, Fibonacci Channel, Fibonacci Arcs, Fibonacci fan, Fibonacci Expansion.
    • Shapes: Rectangle, Triangle, Ellipse.
    • Andrews Pitchfork.
    • Text Objects: Text and labels.
  5. Other options:
    • Key to Delete Last Created Object: “X” button deletes the last item you created.
    • Key to Delete All Object: “D” button deletes all items with one click.
    • Select all: you can set hot key to select deselect all objects.
    • description: you can set hotkey show and hide description for all objects.
    • auto bind: this option make the tool automatic binding the objects to the High and Low of the price bar on all time periods.
    • Number of candle to check how many time line crossed: When clicking on the line, you will be able to see the number of times this line was used, either as a support line or as a resistance one. You can also see the number of times when the line was crossed, you can choose the number of history. By default, it is 200, that means 200 candles in your timeframe.

Feel free to give your opinion about the tool, and please inform me of any improvements needed to be done.

SHARK2927 2019.01.14 18:48 

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xSAMMAELx 2016.03.04 15:43 

Полезный и удобный инструмент, экономящий время. Отзывчивый автор.

Versión 2.0 2018.07.24
Fixed bugs.
Versión 1.65 2017.06.22
Fix Template issue.
Versión 1.60 2016.12.28
Fixed bugs.
Added dark theme function.
Added timeframe changer shortcut.
Added text and label field.
Added selected object deletion function.
Versión 1.50 2016.11.18
fix some bugs.
Versión 1.40 2016.11.04
Add Interface to change option easily.
you can open charts and close i for same pair
all object will copy to all charts have same symbol name
Versión 1.30 2016.09.22
fix bugs.
Versión 1.20 2016.03.04
-fix some bugs.
-fix auto bind function.
-Add show/hide information option for each object.
-Add shortcut button to show/hide information for all object.
Versión 1.10 2016.02.10
Key to create Andrews Pitchfork with desired color and style.
Key to create Fibonacci Channel with desired color,style and levels.
Key to create Fibonacci Times Zone with desired color and style.
Key to create Rectangle with desired color and style.
Key to create Triangle with desired color and style.
Add AutoBind option : for automatic binding Object to the High and Low of the price bar, to all Lower timeframe