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Customer 2018.01.12 11:08 35+ USD   to 1 day(s)

You Have to Talk in English in Skype & Team-viewer

This is Two timer frame basis EA with mt4 default two indicator 

Indicators are Stochastic And Moving average

Moving average will be used as to follow trend and stochastic will be the signal 

Entry will take in 1H time frame after taking confirmation from the 4H time frame Confirmed signal 

Whole details will be discussed on Team viewer  and Skype 

EA Inputs

1. Moving average indicator: value details to customize the MA 

2. Stochastic Indicator: value details to customize the Stochastic

2. Money Management : 

Risk Ratio percentage

Risk factor Balance 

3. Stoploss

4. Take profit 

5. Moving Average as SL : True/ Fasle 

( if i set moving average as SL true , then the trend following MA will use as Moving SL)

 6. Stochestic exit entry: Enable/Disable.                       ( if I set it enable,  then when stochastic indicator will make sell entry,  entry will be close untill it will be close by touching MA as SL)                                                                                                                                         7. Stochastic crossover: enable/disable.                     ( if I enable stochastic crossover enable,  it will take entry when stochastic will make just crossover.  but if I disable it,  then entry will open when stochastic crossover will be done by touching 20 & 80 line ( in a short following 4H timeframe stochastic rule will be applied in here when crossover input will be disabled)

Experts, MQL4
Job completed in 2 minutes. Budget: 35.00 USD
: Did you heard about a developer who can make a photograph in coding of your thoughts.. He is that One.. Lifetime Recommended..

Developer 2018.01.12 11:14
Jobs: 241 (42% personal)
Arbitration: 44 (completed in favor of the developer 20%, canceled in favor of the customer 63%)
Overdue: 61 (25%)

Developer 2018.01.12 12:25
Jobs: 16 (18% personal)
Arbitration: 3 (completed in favor of the developer 33%, canceled in favor of the customer 66%)
Overdue: 8 (50%)

Developer 2018.01.12 11:26
Jobs: 9 (11% personal)
Overdue: 2 (22%)
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