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Customer 2016.09.26 02:35 20 USD   1 day(s)

1. for some reason it doesnt work if you put it on a chart that is one of the pairs being traded after the last job it will work on all other pairs properly except the one you place the ea on on this one it closes right away at stoploss of zero so what i did is put it on a pair i dont trade and it works perfectly however i am unable to run testing on the strategy tester as result so I would like to get this fixed. Attached is the preset file you will see if you choose a pair that it isnt trading and put on a demo account it works perfectly but if you run on strategy tester which doesnt give you this option it doesnt. 


2. I would like to make an input in the general settings which applies to all that will modify the open orders stoploss, takeprofit and trailing stops to the new pip range data when it changes that we can set to true or false if on true it will modify already open orders if on false it doesnt. This should only modify the open orders if the pip range changes and modify to the new calculations of the new range 

3. also noticed that the trailing stop isnt working here is a picture shows three trades on buy nzdjpy open in loss and one nzdjpy short in the money 83 pips the pip range on the placement of the nzdjpy short was 120 pips so it should have triggered a trailing start point at 120 x .3 equaling 36 then trailing at 120 x .15 = 18 pips but as you can see there is no trailing stop on it and its in the money 83 pips 

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Mohammad Soubra

Mohammad Soubra 2016.09.26 09:58
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Nurudeen Amedu

Nurudeen Amedu 2016.09.27 09:21
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