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Machine Learning in MT4 - Python and R

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My goal is threefold.

1) Log into and use MetaTrader MQL4 purely from python.

I saw using MT4 from Python mentioned here. I don't know how well it works. It's a standalone python library ( 

2) Use Python's ML capabilities within MQL4. I saw that here for 2.7. I am not sure how much of ML 2.7 supports such as Pandas. I have experience with 2.7, but not with ML in it. (

3) Connect R to MT here. I might have to use this, but R is much slower relative to Python, so I am cautious. (

Does anyone have any experience with these and care to share some insight?

metatrader 0.0.1 : Python Package Index
MetaTrader4 Libraries easily backtest and optimization from python
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