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Opengates 2015.07.03 15:28 

Hello everyone,

Please I need somebody's help concerning this, I have tried everything i know but to no avail. After completing my EA and compiling, it displayed "Event handling function not found!" on line 1 and column 1, I checked everything about line 1 and column 1 but there is nothing to correct yet it kept on displaying the error message.

Does anyone know where I have missed it?

Your timely help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

whroeder1 2015.07.03 16:16  
It says you don't have any event handling functions in your code! 1/1 is irrelevant.
JD4 2015.07.03 17:31  
It is just using that point because it is the start of your program code.  Since there is no event handling within the entire program anywhere, there is no "spot" to mark, so it uses the first point actually within the program.
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