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Bill Morris
Bill Morris  
  1. The purpose of coding standards is to make things clearer. They are not gospel. All are broken at will if the coder thinks it makes things clearer.
  2. #63: I come form the glass teletype era where I only had 24 lines available, so my choice is the right column, (more on the same line not exceeding 80 characters wide.)

  3. Also conventions change with available tools. I use Notepad-2 with code folding. So the last example above, folded and partially unfolded would look like:
    Again I prefer the right column.

  4. Are the conventions for MT4 specifically different than for C?
    There are NO real conventions for MT4 except for the 3 space indenting (which I don't use.)

I read some where that the developers of MetaTrader selected 3 space indenting just to be unconventional because C uses either 2 or 4. That confuses me because when I start a script the template that starts me off indents the braces 2 spaces. I do see a lot of code that indents the braces 2 spaces and the inside of the braces 1 space. That would drive crazy having to remember to use the space bar to indent instead of the tab. When I'm adding a comment here in the forum I keep tabbing and having to shift tab to get back where I was to space instead.
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