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_Fibo_Pivot_multiVal: A multi-currency Expert Advisors aimed at trading on Asian sessions. Author: Alexey Klenov
  Experts: Universum 3.0 (13   1 2)
Universum 3.0: An EA that increases the order volume after each losing trade. Author: Yury Reshetov
Specification: An example of using graphical object OBJ_LABEL for tabular display. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Visual Start: A code/method to test the redrawing indicators, by the example of FxmFish Author: Aleksandr Pak
Hercules A.T.C. 2006 EA: High-Probability Breakout EA with very favorable risk:reward ratio. Author: Vince Wells
MA.S.R_Trading: The strategy underlying this EA is based on the indicator of MA. Author: Юрий
up3x1_premium_v2M: This automated trading system is intended for working with the currency pair of eur/usd in the one-hour chart. Excellent results. Author: PPP
TREND_alexcud v_2: The EA is based on the indicator TREND_alexcud Something goes wrong with it Author: Денис
RoundLevels: Indicator RoundLevels draws two "round" nearest levels above and below the current price level. Short English comments are in the MQ4 file. Author: Martes
GA-ind: I modified the original MACD. This resulted in such an interesting indicator. Author: Gatis
StochCandles: Indicator StochCandles. Paints candles on the basis of stochastic. Author: John Smith
Traders Dynamic Index: Indicator Traders Dynamic Index, helps traders to supervise the market. Author: John Smith
Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO): Percentage Price Oscillator displays more precise signals of divergences between prices and the value of the oscillator. It also emphasizes price extremums more precisely, it moves faster. Author: John Smith
ToR_1.20: Indicator ToR_1.20. The indicator shows development of a currency pair. Author: John Smith
MTF Stochastic Standard: Indicator MTF Stochastic Standard. Shows 4 stochastic on one. Author: John Smith
MTF_ChandelierStops_60min: One more version of indicator ChandelierStops. Works together with indicator ChandelierStops_v1. Author: John Smith
AUTO_STOP_REVERS: A modified parabolic. It readjusts the entering/leaving points according to the situation on the market. Author: dektec
OnChart Stochastic: Indicator OnChart Stochastic. Author: John Smith
X_0_Serg153_TEST A tick-tack-toe indicator with trade alerts.: All data of this indicator is contained in the coordinates and names of graphical objects. Trade alerts are extracted from the graphical objects generated by the indicator. Author: Aleksandr Pak
SAR Color: Indicator SAR Color. Author: John Smith
IFish: Indiactor IFish. Author: John Smith
KaufWMAcross: Indicator KaufWMAcross. Works with indicator Kaufma. Author: John Smith
TZ-Pivot: Indicator TZ-Pivot. Gives the recommendation on a time interval. See in a code. Author: John Smith
TREND_alexcud: A multi-timeframe indicator. It shows the trend direction for the charts of several timeframes in a separate window. Author: Антон
Modified Heiken Ashi: Modified Heiken Ashi Author: Victor Nikolaev
AvgRangeM: Modified indicator AvgRangeM. Author: John Smith
Range_v2.2: One more version of the indicator Range. Author: John Smith
OnChart Rsi: Indicator OnChart Rsi. Author: John Smith
FX5_SelfAdjustingRSI: Indicator FX5_SelfAdjustingRSI. Author: John Smith
FFS_CrossTiming: Indicator FFS CrossTiming. Shows a trend of all crosов, connected with the considered pair. Further see in a code of the indicator. Author: John Smith