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FSC EA + SDL EA: Forex Second Chance EA is a modification of Moving Average Convergence Divergence EA. Here, I have included "TrendShift" to the parameters and it is doing good. Author: ChuQ Dennis
Export historical data: The script purpose is to export historical rates data to format, convenient for analysis in external programs. The output file contain the historical price data (bars) of the specified month in the following form: DoubleToString(rates[i].time,0), // number of seconds...
New article Research of Statistical Recurrences of Candle Directions has been published: Is it possible to predict the behavior of the market for a short upcoming interval of time, based on the recurring tendencies of candle directions, at specific times throughout the day? That is, If such an...
Candles Ratio: The indicator displays the ratio of lengths of the bodies last N candles Author: Vladimir Khlystov
Trinity-Impulse: Zero values characterizes the Flat Trend. V-shaped pulse indicates the entrance to the opposite direction. U-shaped ilpuls - entry in the same direction. Author: Leonid Basis
Higher timeframe candles on your chart: This indicator allows you to draw candles of an higher timeframe on your chart. Example: Draw H1 candles on your M1 chart. Author: Julien
Progressive Grid Positionning System (Entry and Exit): This systems allows you to progressively enter and exit the market. You define the amount you want to risk (%) and it calculates automatically the different levels of entering and exiting the market according to the amount of levels you have...
FIR_filter: Moving Average, calculated using the digital filter. In this example the Hann Window is used. Author: Vladimir
New article Connection of Expert Advisor with ICQ in MQL5 is published: This article describes the method of information exchange between the Expert Advisor and ICQ users, several examples are presented. The provided material will be interesting for those, who wish to receive trading information...
iS7N_SacuL.mq5: The iS7N_SacuL.mq5 indicator is based on the original indicator 'Lucas1.mq4', written in MQL4. Two versions of this indicator can be used in the trading strategy, for example the first with parameters 7\25 (for entry points), the second with parameters (5\-5) for trailing. Author...
!_Spread_Hi_Lo.mq4: A day Hi Lo Author: Lam K
iTrendLinesBreak: Прорыв трендовых линий Author: Dmitry Fedoseev
10 Point 3 v005 enhanced Expert Advisor: In this field give a brief description of your script (1-2 sentences). Author: Lam K
10 Point 3 v004 enhanced: 10 Point 3 v004 enhanced Expert Advisor Author: Lam K
Multitimeframe indicators: Three indicators MA, RSI and Stoxastic with the ability to select the desired timeframe. Author: Vladimir Khlystov
10 Point3 enhanced v003: Base on 10 point , V003 But have been enhanced Author: Lam K
Rabbit: The Rabbit indicator plots the true support/resistance levels for any currency pair. The distance between the levels in points is shown in upper left corner. Author: JonKatana
Avg_02b: Calculating the difference between the High and Low price to see the price range for every hour. Author: Leonid Basis
Setka (grid): This indicator will help you to determine quickly the starting and ending of the day (week, month), to see the maximal and minimal prices of the period (and determine them more accurately), the magnitude and direction of the movement for the period, the important levels (figure), the...
HAS EA NEW: Based on the HAS indicator. Author: Blooper1980
Variations of the Hurst Exponent over time: This indicator displays the variations of the Hurst Exponent which are seen as a predictor of the variations of volatility, therefore giving an indication on when to enter the market. Author: Jean-Philippe Poton
Script opening orders: Script opening orders with specified Magic Number Author: Vladimir Khlystov
Wavy Dash Indicator: Indicator draw green and red lines similar to wavy dash. Green is a buy signal, red is a sell signal. Author: Michael
Change your pending order PRICE, SL or TP by just drag and drop a script: This script allow you to modify the price, the Stop Loss or take profit or a pending order by just point and drop a script Author: blackhawk
Delete a Pending Order by Point and drop over the price order (green dashed line): Select the pending order you want to delete when you have severals pending orders on a same chart by point and drop over the price of the pending order you want to delete. Author: blackhawk
Nevalyashka_BreakdownLevel: Continuing the theme "tumbler. Trade in breakdown rates timing. Author: Vladimir Khlystov
New article Creating an Indicator with Graphical Control Options is published: Those who are familiar with market sentiments, know the MACD indicator (its full name is Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) - the powerful tool for analyzing the price movement, used by traders from the very first...
3 Simple Scripts: 3 Scripts to simplify scalper operations. The scripts puts new OrderBuy, new OrderSell or CloseAllPositiveOrder. Author: nmax
Multi function price indicator: Multi function price indicator Author: FxGeek