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EMA Prediction: Indicator EMA Prediction. Author: John Smith
RSI-TC: Indicator RSI-TC. Author: John Smith
  Experts: T3MA (5)
T3MA: Im waiting for your opinions. Author: дмитрий
Filter over WPR: Indicator Filter over WPR. It is based on indicator Stochastic. Author: John Smith
RZI: An indicator for viewing turning shapes. Author: dektec
buy_sell: A trend-following indicator. Its simple as a coign. Author: dektec
MTF Alligator+T3: Indicator MTF Alligator+T3. Author: John Smith
MTF Heiken_Ashi: Indicators MTF Heiken_Ashi and MTF Heiken_Ashi_[sw]. Work with indicator Heiken Ashi. Author: John Smith
Aroon_Horn_Oscillator_v1: Indicator Aroon_Horn_Oscillator_v1. Author: John Smith
ang_AZad_Css[cw]: Indicator ang_AZad_Css[cw]. Author: John Smith
Damiani_volatmeter: Indicator Damiani_volatmeter. Author: John Smith
MTF_4 TF XO_M30D1: Indicator MTF_4 TF XO_M30D1. Works with indicator XO. Author: John Smith
MTF_HI_LOW_v1: Indicator MTF_HI_LOW_v1. Author: John Smith
MTF_MAMy3: Indicator MTF_MAMy3. Works with indicator MAMy v.3 Author: John Smith
MTF_Accumulation/distribution: The modified version of indicator Accumulation/distribution. Author: John Smith
All ADX, RSI, CCI.: By means of these indicators, you can not switch the periods of the schedule in MetaTrader. As all the periods will be at you before eyes. Author: John Smith
MTF_Waddah_Attar_ExplosionSA: Modified indicator Waddah Attar Explosion. Author: John Smith
FanSimple8_4MEn: Right corner - direction of price movement; signals from 8(9) TFs (1M-1W) ; up to 8 MAs (def. 5,21,55) Author: John Smith
1H EUR_USD: The purpose of this EA is to find good entry in a well established trend. The EA was developed on 1 Hour EUR_USD graph, but I think that the similar concept can works in a good manner on the other crosses too. I’m happy about the drawdown. Author: Alberto Tortella
AMA Slope: Indicator AMA Slope. Author: John Smith
Dolly_Trading Times _3: Indicator Dolly_Trading Times _3. Shows working hours. Author: John Smith
Dolly_Graphics_v11-GMTShift: Indicator Dolly_Graphics_v11-GMTShift. Shows various recommendations, in particular on purchase and sale in percentage terms, the current price... Author: John Smith
MTF_Stochastic_SmL: Indicator MTF_Stochastic_SmL. Uses signals Stochasticа. Author: John Smith
MTF_OsMA_Lc: Indicator MTF_OsMA_Lc. Copied indicator OsMACD_M (it OsMA_Lc). Only now OsMA_Lc it is caused through iCustom. Author: John Smith
MTF_WildersDMI_v1m: Indicator MTF_WildersDMI_v1m. One more version of indicator WildersDMI_v1. Works with indicator ADX_WildersDMI_v1m. Author: John Smith
e-News-Lucky$: Советник e-News-Lucky$. Author: John Smith
Two PerBar: Adviser Two PerBar. One more unpretentious variant. Author: John Smith
5_8 MACross: 5_8 MACross. Uses indicator MA. Author: John Smith
Bad Orders: Adviser BadOrders. The unpretentious adviser. Author: John Smith
Breadandbutter2: Adviser breadandbutter2. Leans on indicators ADX and MA. Author: John Smith