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Experts: The Expert Advisor based on 2 lines of the Moving Average

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The Expert Advisor based on 2 lines of the Moving Average:

The Moving Average indicator values are used for trading. If the fast Moving Average line is above the slow Moving Average line, and the distance between these two lines is greater than specified, then a buy order is opened.

The opposite values of the indicators are used for opening a sell order. Order closing happens according to the Moving Average indicator values.

Trade Results

Author: LeonLexx

Michael Maggi
Michael Maggi  



The doubling of a position to recover from a loss is a sound itea in theory, but the problem is blowing out an account with a large string of losses like the 19 in the trading summary. This means the drawown has to allow for a big swing.



If there are a set number of losing trades in a row, could the trading be automatically paused (or the EA sleep) for a set number of bars and then resume?  In theory, if the EA was on a path to another 15 losing trades, then the EA would actually only take 2 or 3 of these losers before hitting a winning trade.  The doubling factor would still do its job but try to avoid all the losses that forces up the Lots to an unsustainable level.

I tried this on a custom EA before but could never get the code right. The flaw was it did not sleep and then resume at the same point in the step ups but reset to the initial trade Lot.

This meant the losses were never recapouped by the increased positions.


Do you know a programmer that could add this sleep and continue (not sleep and reset) feature to this EA?

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