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Indicators: i-SpectrAnalysis_Momentum

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Automated-Trading 2015.10.12 17:02 


This indicator is an example of smoothing the Momentum indicator timeseries by filtering high-order harmonics.

You can use this approach for smoothing the output of any indicator. The major advantage of this method is that it has practically zero latency.

Indicator input parameters:

input int   MomentumPeriod=14;
input uint N = 7;   // Series length
input uint SS = 20; // Smoothing coefficient
input int Shift=0;  // Horizontal indicator shift in bars


  • N — sets the series length (power of two);
  • SS — smoothing coefficient in the resulting spectrum zeroes out frequencies exceeding the set value. SS cannot be greater than 2^N. If SS = 2^N, the Momentum series is repeated.

This indicator requires the following library:

Fig.1. The i-SpectrAnalysis_Momentum indicator

Fig.1. The i-SpectrAnalysis_Momentum indicator

Author: Nikolay Kositsin

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