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MQL5 Wizard - Trade Signals Based on Reversal Candlestick Patterns: MQL5 Wizard provides the automatic creation of Expert Advisors (see MQL5 Wizard: Creating Expert Advisors without Programming). The CSignalCandles class provides trade signals, based on reversal candlestick patterns. The strategy...
sChartsSynchroScroll_v2: This is the new version of the sChartsSynchroScroll script (the old version here). Just attach script to one chart and that's all. You can change shift and chart scale, the different charts may have different scales. Author: Дмитрий
Scalp_RSI: Uses movements of the relative strenghts index to find long-opportunities. Profitable (and especially reliable) parameters for short-positions couldnt be found Author: Martin
CustomTimeframe Candles: Shows custom Timeframes on the Main chart Author: zzuegg
ZigZag of Orlov: Zigzag with a simple, clear and natural principle of work. By the Close prices. Without redrawing. Author: Денис Орлов
DXMA: The DMI Expanded Moving Average Indicator. The DMI and HLrange are used. Author: okome_ken
MQL5 Wizard - Trade Signals Based on Three Moving Averages: MQL5 Wizard allows to create the code of Expert Advisors automatically. See Creating Ready-Made Expert Advisors in MQL5 Wizard for the details. Here we will consider the trend strategy, based on three moving averages. The strategy called...
MACD+Histogram: This is a normal MACD with Histogram. Its really simple coding but helpfull. Im not testing on MT5 but i think its ok with that. Let me know if youre tested. Author: PETER LE
EA PSAR 4B: EA designed on the idea of the indicator Nik_PSAR_2B. EA works on the Symbol = "EURUSD" and Period = M1. Author: Leonid Basis
MTF RESISTANCE AND SUPPORT: This Indicator gives you a clear S & R of Custom Timeframes....Good for Swing Traders Author: olufikayo olowoyo
BackToTheFuture: Overbought / Oversold Author: Leonid Basis
Simple MA over Price: Simly Calculation of Price changes over x period. Overlay with fast MA and slow MA for smooth lines Author: rv
Daily trend ZCOMForex: A very useful indicator to show trend of 4 currency pairs on your charts. Author: Darius
sChartsSynchroScroll: The script provides a synchronous scrolling for all charts opened in the client terminal. The script should be executed only on one chart. The red markers will be created on all of the opened charts after the script running. While scrolling of any chart, the other charts will...
OptimReport v2.15: If you want to optimize your Expert Advisor using your own characteristics, you can use "Custom max" mode via OnTester() function. This code provides you many characteristics, which can be used during the optimization of your EA. Also it allows you to save the optimized...
FSS longtradeScalper: Working as scalper our long trading manage by settings. For scalping use 1-25 signal period, for long trade 25-100 and change period. Always use 2 % money management using this software!!!! Author: EA
Breaking Out with RSI: An indicator based on Lows and Highs of last 16 candles + RSI reading. Describes trend as Flat, Trending Up, Breaking Out Upwards, Trending Down, Breaking Out Downwards. Author: Imran Latif
Tick Chart: Tick chart in separate window with Ask line and candle price lines. Author: Benjamin Joshua Nash
History of trade: The script allows you to place the deals history on the chart using the graphic objects. Author: Yuriy Tokman
AlertLine: The indicator shows a messsage then the price crosses the lines, titled the "Support" and "Rezistans" on the chart. Author: Vladimir Khlystov
Control Panel for the Contest: The panel simplifies manual trading and trailing of the opened position. The Control Panel can be used for the manual trading, intraday scalping etc. The Panel is designed for scalping. Author: Dima
Graphic Panel Contest: Graphic Panel Contest submission. Author: investeo 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
3 stochastics in one: The indicator is constructed based on 3 gistorgammu stochastics higher order Author: Vladimir Khlystov
BPA - D1 London Session: Ricx - 1st indicator submit This indicator will plot EURUSD D1 candlestick chart on white or other bright background. Author: Ricky
AggM: AggM is a composite trend and mean-reversion indicator. Author: Walter
double lot Sea Dragon: Nothing to say, the people of the game more money Author: keyila
New article Creating an Indicator with Multiple Indicator Buffers for Newbies is published: The complex codes consist of a set of simple codes. If you are familiar with them, it doesn't look so complicated. In this article, we will consider how to create an indicator with multiple indicator...
JJN-InfoBar: Indicator of some basic information. Author: Gordon Gekko
MSLEA - Expert Advisor using Market Structure High/Low: Expert Advisor trading with Local High/Local Low (msl/msh) Author: Thomas Quester
AggZ: AggZ is a composite trend and mean-reversion indicator. Author: Walter