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Hi +raden.batman,

I explained on the first post that I submitted this indicator (MT5 version) to the codebase. Once it will be checked (just final stage - checking) so I will provide the link to download.
because it is more comfortable to use CodeBase than to upload it here to be forgotten on the next day (especially if the thread will be big one).|
if this indicator will not be approved by Codebase so I will upload it here tomorrow together with MT4 version. 

Thank you very much

We will wait your best codebase.



This is updated statement of original manual trading system (see first page of this thread):



By the way - I do not like to trade in the end of December - market is volatile as most "big players" are not in the market ...
The same situation is in the beginning of January, and in summer time too.
And I am sorry but Friday is not good time to trade because of forex news events.
Same with Monday - how we can know that Monday's candle will continuing the Friday's trend? No one knows ...

So, when to trade ... 


Yes! it is what I am talking about:


This is PriceChannel Parabolic system, read first page of this thread. 

hell sir

   i m not able to use mt5 so pls i want mt4 indicator thanks 


Updated statement for PriceChannel Parabolic system (about this system - read first page of this thread).





hell sir

   i m not able to use mt5 so pls i want mt4 indicator thanks 

Hi lionofgail,

I have this indicator for MT4.
This indicator was created by my friend - Igorad, it is public indicator.
 I just requested some additional feature for him to code - re-enter.

I am going to make some enter to CodeBase MT4 after MT5 version will be approved.
So, we all will have it in Cosdebase (MT4 version and MT5 version as well). 

By the way, I think - MT5 version of this indicator will be published soon in MT5 Codebase.
MT5 version of this indicator is more good as this version is having alerts (email alert, sound alert and more and more). 

Why I am trying to upload it to CodeBase?
Well ... as far as I know - Metaquotes will implement some next feature: we will have possibility to download templates and profiles using Metatrader only (for now - we are having possibilities to load indicators/scripts and other tools using Metatrader only from Storage). So, it will be very comfortable - use metatrader only to load everything.

That is why I am tyring to be in


'Happy News Year' soon do you know that? :)

This is small program (attached in zip archive) which I downloaded from onix trade forum (thanks to user 85747280).
This is Christmas-tree on your desktop - animated, you can move it to anyway even to metatrader chart :) or you can close it.
No need installation inside PC. No viruses (i checked).
Just try and you will see.

Files:  859 kb

Hello newdigital!

Great results!! I would like to ask you- how do you know when to buy and when to sell? 


Hello newdigital!

Great results!! I would like to ask you- how do you know when to buy and when to sell? 

Parabolic is good filter with the settings 0.002/0.2
Besides, RSI - I am using it as simple oscillator in trend following way.
So, when I see red dot (main sell trade) or red arrow (re-enter - means: additional sell order) so I am looking for parabolic and for RSI.

By the way, I am planning to open new thread about Market Condition Evaluation based on standard indicators in Metatrader 5. It may be interesting for the people who are trading using M1 up to H1 timeframe.
It will be answer on your question about

"how can we know the future direction",
"should we fully believe in indicators' arrows/dots telling us to open buy or sell".

I just started something similar here  so it will be separated thread about this subject. 

Looks like a good system- When do you think the indis will be ready for use on MT4? I can't wait to start trading with this system! Also do you have EA?