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Saeid Easaghamsary  

I use martingale system in long-term trends.

it always works.

but if you don't have any concept of market,you may lose some of your money or perhaps all of your money.

this strategy is so so dangerous if you are not experienced.

Fundamental analysis,technical analysis ,market expectation,paying attention to news and market to market analysis are the primary principles of trading by this strategy.

i have an account in mql5 and doing this strategy.

results of this strategy on my account:

1-High Risk

2-High Profits in Returns

3-High Growth

it works well.

Jessica Jones #:
And what do you think about the Breakout system of the European or Asian session?

I love this method, however, you must know exactly what your targets area are. Must use market structure in conjunction with this strategy otherwise, you may get quite a few fake-outs. I actually look at this method ALOT and 

take several trades here and there based off that strategy. Hope this strategy has been working for you.  

J.C. Hoffman  
I prefer using Martingale with Hedging now
Fernando Carreiro  
J.C. Hoffman #: I prefer using Martingale with Hedging now

That is not a strategy! That is gambling with idiocy!

Oleksandr Medviediev  
1. Gartley patterns aka harmonics
2. TD sequential
3. Divergence-based
4. Currency strength/weakness