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Syed Karar Abbas  
I love news EAs because risk factor is very low 
Daniel Stein  

Hi MQL community,

I am new to this Forum and need some advise on how to choose the right EA

I am looking for a robot that can read both trending and volatile markets,

and then obviously execute trades accordingly and automatically.

What can you suggest? 

Hi Henry, 

i assume you won't get any useful answer because any sort of advertising and links to market products is prohibited in this forum.

So i suggest to do your own due diligence, read descriptions and user comments and you'll find the product that suits your needs.

Best regards


Please please comment on this some or everyone .. I'm a little spooked to be honest as I never thought it would actually happen , I've literally got thousands of hours of watching the charts and also I back tested my theory and system on the market and it never failed .. No trades even needed to be left in the market for longer than 3 months  and that's worst case scenario 
And what happened was I gained 8432 pips in just 3days
Marco vd Heijden  
And what happened was I gained 8432 pips in just 3days
Keep going.(like that)
biggie smalls  
anurag bhargava:

u find fundatmentals unyielding- there could be only one reason behind that - u haven't got the concept.

and one thing more profitable moments keep on changing and,for a particular fundamental the moment last for max upto 4 hours.

yes its influenced by speculative trader,as most of us are,u r also one of us,or r u any firm or so. 

I understand the concept of fundamentals, they're unyielding because the money flow provided by the underlying economic currents typically have their effects on prices trumped by speculative volume. So the fundamentals are already priced in and only have a minor influence on prices compared to speculative action. That was the deductible point I was making.