What is your favorite strategy ?

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may i know how to trade those ??

because i am looking for strategy. 

Doerk Hilger  
Breakout Scalping, partially automated, most profitable.
noorad sharafi  
correlation  and Hedging and  Martingale
Osama Shaban  
I use all of them but not the News one. Most of my trading is automated ... actually, semi-automated.
Alain Verleyen  
Francis Dogbe:
What is the difference between Grid and Martingale...?

Martingale increase lot size, more or less exponentially, on each loss.

A grid add orders on losing positions, could be with fixed lot size.

They can be combined.

Frederic Metraux  
Am I the only one who loves news trading? I think it is the best because volatility is guaranteed.
Carmine Pinto  
Fred Metraux:
Am I the only one who loves news trading? I think it is the best because volatility is guaranteed.

Yes, news trading can be profitable and very rewarding however it is better to trade the news reaction than news itself: you need to be very selective and you should have full awareness and need to know the specific news character that you are going to trade, so you need to understand how the price discount that particular news, sometimes price discount the news already before than the move and so you can be very confused about that apparently irrational move after.

Hedging and  Martingale are strategies for traders that doesn't have a real EDGE in the market and so they try to cheat the market but soon or later... puuf :D

Even if you don't lose all at once you will be psychologically affected and your trading become less trustable and you will have your fear out of your control.

Said that my favorite strategy is to trade near support and resistance tracking the higher time frames and this can be in trend or counter trend, however trend trading is the best juice of the market but unfortunately trends are developing only 30% of the time so you need to know how to trade choppy market as well; you need to spot, understand and catalog the market structure first and remember to be objective in your trading don't trade just to trade and so don't over trade, all that you need are 3-5 trades per month: only the A+++ setup ;)

I wish you a nice trading! :)

biggie smalls  
A very conservatively managed martingale is the paramount strategy. I try to come in right at the beginning of the trend. I naturally preferred martingale because it's very time efficient. Lately my strategy has evolved to a grid - trend, much more time consuming than the ol' raw martingale. Similar growth, much smaller drawdown, more time consuming.