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Hatem Koshok  
Trend for sure is the best profitable way that i depend on. the only way to make it profitable is to survive till it come and then here come the profits :)
Petter Dohlen  
Alain Verleyen:

Martingale increase lot size, more or less exponentially, on each loss.

A grid add orders on losing positions, could be with fixed lot size.

They can be combined.

I may have a grid that adds to winners....
Alain Verleyen  
Petter Dohlen:
I may have a grid that adds to winners....
If you want.
Marco vd Heijden  

Why would you use a fixed take profit when you can let your winners run out ?

Why close a trade that is running in your favor?

You can modify the martingale strategy to let the winners run in stead of taking pre mature profits.

Then it will more or less only kick in when you entered a bad trade like some sort of recovery mechanism.

I think it could save you a lot of spread.

You can even make a martingale-renko combo...

I'm just saying you can do all kind of things.

Everybody seems to have his own opinion about martingale, but the real answers come from doing the calculations.

I know of some systems that use equations that are so wide that they use almost as much possibilities as there are known atoms in the visible universe.

Then the possibilitiy of failure becomes more like a galactic event and becomes neglectable.

So in reality it all relates to available capital, lot sizing, time, and bandwith, or market amplitude which have a direct relationship.

The funny part is that it isn't hard to do the math, it's actually quite simple but it seems that people tend to set the values too greedy so that it has to crash, or they simply copy their opinion from others who are screaming martingale = bad.

So if you are tired trying everything that comes to mind...why not give it a try ? you will know up front what you can loose which is one of the greater advantages...

Michael Maggi  
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Alessandro Finetti  



Definitely trend follow strategy.

Especially since I'm not so capitalized, and not a full time trader, I LOVE to open a position following the trend, and then look at it when I'm done with my college study.

On saturday and sunday I keep for my trading like an hour to study the chart, and then if needed monday I correct my already open position, and open new one.

I tried scalping, but... it's not for me, too much rage!


But I'm young, still studing, I may change my mind!



Abdullah Alrai  
i use my harmonic indicator it is completed system..
Volumes trading.