What is your favorite strategy ? - page 9

faysal amin  

Abdullah Alrai #:
My favorite

1. Harmonic + numerology levels
2. Gann squares
3. Astro levels

Hi Abdullah   

i also use gann squares ,hexagone,square of 4 and nine ...bit Astro --but //numerology levels ----i have very little knowledge how to use

Kenneth Amido #:

my favourite stategy is to use good indicators like that i have found two days ago , for now they works perfectly and im in huge profit

What indicators did you use ? 
I have some ideas based on personal experiences:
1. Study asset first, then choose medthod of trade. With ea, better to choose scapling.
2. In any method, should try to follow trend. We can earn with others cases but risky, and actually the money we get not bring so much more than expected.
 3. If we trade by hand, news action always bring good benefit but need experience. If we use ea, focus in price action strategies.
So, the strategies should be chosen for suitable asset and its characteristics, we do not have the right to love or like which strategies or styles, we only have right and chance to choose.