Rename a symbol in MT5 - EURUSD to EURUSDm

I need to rename EURUSD to EURUSDm in MT5 for my signal provider to work. Can anybody help with this? Thank you.
This is not possible, try with another broker, ask the signal provider for better setups.

Can't be done. Change brokers.

Broker's use a variety of naming patterns: EURUSD, EURUSDb, EURUSDc, EURUSDcheck, EURUSDct, EURUSDecn, EURUSDf, EURUSDh, EURUSDi, EURUSDm, EURUSDme, EURUSDmicro, EURUSDpro, EURUSDt, EURUSDx. “EUR.USD”, “EUR/USD”, “EUR/USD_ecn”, “EURUSD!”, “EURUSD#”, “EURUSD..”, “EURUSD.”, “EURUSD.a”, “>”, “EURUSD.c”, “EURUSD.cfx”, “EURUSD.ecn”, “EURUSD.ECN”, “EURUSD.G”, “EURUSD.i”, “BTCUSD.lts”, “EURUSD.m”, “EURUSD.p”,”, EURUSD.r”, “EURUSD.t/a>”, “EURUSD.SBe”, “EURUSD.stp”, “EURUSD.z”, “EURUSD'”, “EURUSD@”, “EURUSD_i”, “EURGBP_0s”, “EURUSD-5”, “EURUSD-g”, “EURUSD-m”, “EURUSD-sb”, etc., “#FB”, “#TSLA”, and Financial symbols with “-”, “=”, “_”, and “+”

If the pattern your broker uses doesn't match the pattern of your signal provider's broker, you can't copy the signal/open a trade. Switch brokers to one that has that adornment.

If the naming pattern of your charts isn't exactly “BasQuo” then hard coded symbols fails. Don't hard code things; just use the predefined _Symbol, or add/remove the adornments during processing.
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