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Aleksei Moshkin
Stan Baftalovskiy:

All in all, I wish the MQ team would keep working on the economic calendar and do at least a few more rounds of work to ensure accuracy/reliability and create added value.

I think they have, the data in the calendar in the terminal is updated half an hour after publication.

Sergey Lazarenko
Sergey Lazarenko  
Aleksei Moshkin:

I think they have abandoned it, the calendar in the terminal is updated half an hour after publication.

everything works like clockwork, just now the data on the Mexican came out a couple of seconds after the scheduled time

Stan Baftalovskiy:
Judging by the latest MQ Economic Calendar data on Nonfarm-payrolls, it's not so much about the speed of this calendar as it is about the reliability of this calendar for making any trading decisions at all.

So according to EC MQ the forecast for May 08 was +179K(Link), which is dramatically different from the actual forecast of -22M, according to all other calendars and news feeds.

Investing: -22M(Link),FxStreet: -22M(Link), CNBC: -22M(Link) etc.

Can't work out where the forecast value is correct.

Vitaly Muzichenko

Can't work out where the predicted value is correct.

It's hard to tell. Different suppliers, so different values

Last Sunday we had a "good" value in Yen, but when I looked on Monday it was different and "not good".

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Economic Calendar: already on, coming soon to MetaTrader 5

Vitaly Muzichenko, 2020.08.27 08:30

Comrades-developers, please comment on the drastically different values!

This is from the given resource, the previous value doesn't coincide at all

And this is from different resources

1 ----------------------

2 ----------------------

3 ----------------------

4 ----------------------

5 ----------------------

Aleksey Mavrin

We'll have our own calendar... Valera got his degree in economics for nothing.

Sorry I couldn't resist.)

Andrey Kaunov
Andrey Kaunov  

A question has arisen. How do I programmatically initiate a download/update of the built-in economic calendar in the MT5 terminal ?

I have faced such a problem. When I start the terminal, if an Expert Advisor using the economic calendar is preinstalled on a chart, the list is not always available. Sometimes it is not available at all. The economic calendar appears and is read by the Expert Advisor only after you physically open the tab "Calendar" in the "Toolbox" window. And at the moment of opening, the list of Calendar events is not there, or it is extremely incomplete. It is only loaded after the tab is opened, literally in front of your eyes.