Trading the Andrews Pitchfork with Max - page 6

Max Brown  
Andrea Connelly:
Love your Hindsight Heffa 🤣😂🤣🤣😂

Thank you.

I am looking for opportunities to short to 1.1194 and long to 1.1161.    Right now Pitchforks (Modified Schiff) across everytime frame except monthly is shouting "up to the North me Lord" (Too much GOTS).  I'll still go short below 1.1224 though!!!


  • The sweet buying spot today is 1.1161 but only with 5min Pivot confirmation and the last bar of the pivot has to be a range bar with the close towards the high of the bar.
  • The sweet selling spot today is 1.1294 but only with 5min Pivot confirmation and the last bar of the pivot has to be a range bar with the close towards the low of the bar.
Max Brown  
On the off chance that you get the open door please survey this graphical PDF by Dr. Tim Morge on the Andrews Pitchfork. The PDF is predominantly pictures so won't take long to audit. If you don't mind give specific consideration to the short meaning of the standards. You won't comprehend it everything except it will become alright in the coming weeks.

PDF in zip file.  Thank you.


I've finished trading for the week.  Up for the week but down for today.

Andrea Connelly  
Max Brown:

PDF in zip file.  Thank you.


I've finished trading for the week.  Up for the week but down for today.

Thank you Max
Max Brown  

Weekly Pivot   1.1213 (red line).  Remember these levels and scenarios were give on Sunday.


Max Brown  

The "let me come inside" game has been going on for days on the H4.  If price  is allowed to come inside, expect an explosion.


Max Brown  
I'll just say it!  I reckon price is going to extend quickly upward by 50 to 70 pips.
Max Brown  
Price normally respects the D1 but after respecting the M1 then M5 THEN M15 THEN M30 THEN H1 THEN H4.  Providing the lower timeframe pitchfork live within the higher timeframe pitchfork.
Max Brown  

Week ahead.

The price finish above the monthly Pivot (1.1201) and the weekly Pivot (1.1213) which give me an upward bias going into this week's trading.

The weekly numbers are a forecast low of 1.1172, forecast high of 1.1273 and a new weekly pivot of 1.1222.



  1. The vertical Fibonnacci timezones (marked "FT" & 1 to 5) and draw from 0 to 1 are clearly depicting predictive price turning points as price follows an alternating pattern.  Following theory and practice (Robert Fischer in the new Fibonacci Trader) one would expect price to continue in an uptrend until it hits line number 5.
  2. We can clearly see a confirmed inverted head and shoulder (letter S for each shoulder and H for head).  Applying theory and practice (Martin Pring: Technical Analysis Explained), we have confirmation of an uptrend with an immediate target price of 1.1392.  Price has tested and suffered rejection from the H&S neckline.
  3. The neckline coincides with a Pitchfork sliding parallel line (white arrow).  Thereby touching an energy point (Timothy Morge - Market Maps); an energy point is where two points of opposing force meet, otherwise know as a confluence area.  This location represents an outstanding location to enter a very high return to risk long trade....sorry, I had to rush off to my trading computer to place a long trade.
  4. Clearly price is battering the outside of the low red Pitchfork and price isn't suffer a great deal of rejection and is continuing to rise.
  5. We have an energy building rectangle (Mircea Dologa - Integrated Pitrchfork Analysis Vol I to III) which has solidly broken out of the top-side (white rectangle on the chart).  Using Dologa's method that give us a projected 132 hours of upward movement, implies this week will be a one directional uptrend.
  6. None of the 4 hour swing low pivots over-lap giving more weight to an upward move (Felipe Tudela -Trading Triads).
  7. I'm too tired to do a Market Profile analysis.  :)

I think the technical info' in the chart speak for themselves.  However, the market does what she does.  She leads we follow; being correct about trade direction is less important than riding ACTUAL price direction.

Green pips all.


And it is always nice to see the 200 period moving average confirming all of the listed points.  The 200 period SMA is now acting as support:


Regarding the GBPJPY trade last week, I wrote "this is text book stuff" meaning the setup was perfectly aligned with theory and practice.

The EURUSD long trade is also "textbook stuff"!