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Sergey Golubev, 2018.01.19 16:44


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Hello, I'm looking for an EA that autotrades off the renko charts. Any leads you may provide, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hello @Megatron! I realize this is an old thread, but just curious, did you have any success finding something?

I have looked through Sergey's big list but so far have not identified anything that states or implies that it can be used for auto-/algo-trading.

If possible would appreciate an update to know how your search ultimately went.

Thanks 😀


hey my friend i need one help for trade history

how can i fetch records of it's sell done

simply i explain my point

first of all i puted "buy_Limit" like 10 orders    from   Expert_template mql5

Example :

for(int i=0; i<NumberOfGrid; i++)


it's working well, one more thing i also given TP price for sell but

but now my point is        if i want to reput buy_limit those who have sell done

help me please for find those order with price and reput