Can you say forex is gambling? - page 5

Chui Yu Lui
Chui Yu Lui  

Agree that it is not gambling. 

Sometimes there are patterns in the market. Even though you don't know how to see pattern, using right tools/ indicators can help to you getting profit.

Marco vd Heijden

It's certainly gambling for some people.

Yip Sin Hang  

I think risk management is the most important things and also to define what is gambling . 

There are many things can be gambling , depends on how traders / you how to put your money on it . 

Everyone makes mistakes , but if those mistakes is not much hurt , you can keep going to next step / next trade . You still alive , otherwise , you bet on everything into one shot/one decision , then many things also gambling for you . 

Young Ho Seo

With Forex market, you need to watch out the movement of currency market as the forex is the ratio of two currency pairs.

Currency movement is closly related to the fundamental and economic data of the country.

As long as you do not take too much risk with high leveraging account, it is just fine.

At some point, it might be safter than stock market if you can control your risk.

It is because you need to concern less on the bankrupcy of country comparing whereas you have to concern more on the bankrupcy of company in stock market.

Just some pointer for starters. :)

Davit Beridze
it is not gambling for sure :)
Mosleur Rahaman Riad
Trading Forex is usually cited as gambling. If you trade while not knowing a way to win it's gambling. within the sense that you simply have to be compelled to risk cash to create cash, there's a side that resembles gambling. you're taking an opportunity of losing to win.  Before enter a trade, check to make sure the trade is worth taking. make sure, you always know where your entry point is in advance. good luck
David Diez
David Diez  

It could be gambling if you're not putting five senses on the chart, success is all about mindfulness on what you're doing just like playing chess.

Joe Varcoe
Joe Varcoe  
It is gambling if you have no idea what you're doing. It is also gambling when you are over-leveraging. FOREX is like any e-trading activity, so this applies to all.
Young Ho Seo
Joe Varcoe:
It is gambling if you have no idea what you're doing. It is also gambling when you are over-leveraging. FOREX is like any e-trading activity, so this applies to all.

It is true. If you have no idea what you are doing, then anything could be gambling in your life, even buying a car or trip, making friends, marriage and so on.

To avoid anything to become gambling, you need to reduce emotional aspects in your choice.

Same for the forex trading, reducing emotional aspects in your trading is really important.

But for marriage, you might need to keep the emotinoal aspects in it, I guess. :)

Angelito Cartagena
As for me, anything you do in life that does not guarantee 100% of the expected results can be consider gambling, putting a business can be consider gambling because you are not sure if it will click or not, stocks investment, choosing who to marry can be also a gamble(lol), choosing what company to work for, investing on something, etc. Forex trading is the same, just make sure that you never trade money that you cant afford to lose and make sure to learn all the necessary knowledge and safety precautions of the market to avoid those pitfalls, its a very tough profession to master.