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Ashkan Hazegh Nikrou
Judy Mank:

Joshua Brown, vice president of investments in a renowned New York asset-management firm once said that the forex from his perspective is too risk fraught for an individual investor to engage in preferring to label forex trading as gambling with retail investors in ignorance throwing money into traders who rely more on luck than ability. But this rather sounds amusing to me because if really forex was just about luck and chance; could it boast such renowned universal liquidity? If forex was about luck, how many betting sites or companies daily boast a daily turnover amounting to trillions of dollars? Very impossibly, that forex entails a level of uncertainty doesn’t in any way discredit its credibility. Forex is way off cheap gambling. I humbly disagree with this high authority when it comes to the commodity market, he is very wrong in this forex is no gambling, it is very far from a business of chance. The reasons there are very obvious, what do you think about this, do you agree with him or me on this case

Yes I believe forex is gambling too,

but with a great difference from gambling in casinos or sports or other games.

that difference is :

here in forex market you have access to many tools ,and can use them for your own advantage ,  but in other forms of gambling the only thing that you have is your chance

your chance percent might change low to high from time to time but its accidental , is not depended on any tool.

here in forex , traders can use tools like money management , expert advisors , indicators and analyzes

so this tools is your winning card to increase your win chance by your own.

so forex market is a gamble which gambler can effect on his own win chance

and it is completely different with using machines in casino that gives you 50-50 chance

Khima Hathia Gorania
crossing the road is also gambling. you just have be aware of all the dangers and risks before crossing.
Davit Beridze
No sure :) if you do not follow the rules than everything is gambling.
khalid khan
khalid khan  

I'm thinking it's not gambling,  how can win 100% 

Need a formula I have formula you ll never lose 

Needed handsome funds and formula never lose 

Mostly people lose even sometimes me also lose because I'm not going to use this formula 

Every body need short cut, so that's y mostly people lose money

That's is truth forex is showing some time its same fake movement yes this thing needed to cover only formula cover this.... 

Completely agree. The edge is in our favour once we are able to apply it
Tomas Michalek
Tomas Michalek  

Trading is very similar to casino:

One iteration (hand in poker, position in trading) has random outcome and you cannot predict it.

Series of these events have predictible outcome, according to the probability of winning = edge.

In Poker game, edge is on side of the casino. Casino has a little bit above 50% chance of winning, so it's only goal is keep you playing.

In trading, edge can be on our side - if you have good strategy, reasnoable money management and you strictly respect the rules and execute it over and over, you have bigger probability of winning, than loosing.

So much say, trading is much like a casino, but in trading you are on the winning side.

Waseem Raza
Waseem Raza  

It can be gambling

if someone don't know how to trade or less experience 

Without proper knowledge of financial news and happens 

Greed,  and depending on Margin or Leverage 

Speculations without knowing where to trade or in which direction 

Soewono Effendi
you can gamble anything, even presidential election.

Like it or not, for some people, religions are gambling too ;)
Le The Anh
Le The Anh  
A famous quote: "

Calculating gambling is investing, if not calculating investment is gambling."

Nor Azman Bin Ramli
Nor Azman Bin Ramli  
No it's not gambling.