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i changed the wording on the indi to alert from sound, obviously makes no difference but saves any confusion for others

and it works just the same and have tried it out

your welcome for the alert, it was actually very easy, just abit of copy and paste,

im trying to put an alert on the Fish but have nt had any success yet, this coding lark is not as easy as it looks!

if i do manage it, or find a good one with the alert ill post it

there are one or two with alerts but the ones ive found so far, one only has sound and the other is possibly not so good although it already has the full alerts, but maybe worth a look anyway,

maybe one of the master coders will add an alert, but i dont think there too keen on the Fish type indi lol ,




thanks again strategy and the tip on stops, i have nt had too much time to test it yet, but noticed it worked quite well earlier in the wk on the GBP / USD and Euro / USD

Good luck


thanks for posting . its simple to follow. and it works.


yew, I am bad with forseeable (know the time that news will be released) NEWS

now , I am holding (demo) 1 cad /chf sell -- losing -5 usd

and I am holding a pair of eur/aud at lock loss of -4 --- will bet again next tue / wed for eur aud

with this scenario, my demo telling me to have about extra 25 to 35 USD for just a few micro-trans

this is already the best things I learn during last 2 news -- thurs and friday ---- job day , ECB decision, and knight captial news about e-platform that they own with a dramatic error -- probably the database maintenance guy hate the company

oooh, can't show you guys my chart and the price that I enter

due to image hosting site -- down for a while


the image hosting site , is UP and RUNNING now, so this is the dig that I trade with

just 4 hours left, I will hold my positions with NO HEDGE during monday morning as pip spread go hay wire, so better not to have LIMIT ORDER for hedging purpose, set it up early on monday

the portfolio go better, CADCHF back to break-even -- will still hold it , then set trailing stop loss on monday hopefully , so as to havfe little loss

EURAUD is hard pair to play with, so I will keep the LOCKED LOSS ( 2 trans, that buy and sell at the same time)

ooooh, please read the thread -- TRADERS JOKING (by search on top) , it is just picture snapshot taken from youtube, but it is real funny -- you tube , flash video, I can snap shot it, while normal video is even harder to snapshot

comic picture alike -- 9 pic taken

if you like to watch that bit of the video, I might able to put it up, -- real funny , that one !!

cadchf was entered as SELL, 0.97186 down, while the above 2 is possible hedging position -- sometime, I used it for eurusd hedging, so it protect me and quick result to see win or loss --- overall=== now, I gave up eur/usd, however eur/aud is even more dangerous than eur/usd



That'd be great if you can get an alert for FX Fish but it is a dynamic indicator so it might be tough.

Perfect setups last night. Almost 400 pips on majors and yen pairs! Guess I'll splurge this weekend and get a Nexus 7 =)



woah , 400 on a difficult night, impressive,

tell us (give us some hint) how to do it

with 400 a night plus side

how about if your strategy fail, will you accumulate huge loss too i.e. is the FAIL SIDE protected

thursday and firday is difficult to trade, so it is impressive that you got so easy, but high freq also mean big initial deposit required

will you able to repeat that if it is REAL ACCOUNT (even micro, you have to get a lot of spare saving to gain 400)

and do you think the risk management is SUITABLE to you if it is real account -- I bet yours is DEMO account

in youtube, it seem that olympics is not popular, while some comedy with no language barrier could get million hits in no time -- I am thinking to do something on this phenonmenon

betting on yen, you either bet on daily pattern or you know lot of traders inclination to be successful or you use ALL or NONE profit strategy -- this is my understand on x-pair with yen involved

this is my FISHER, I knew that it repaint , and I only used it for 30min, so I gave up on FISHER

maybe you can put my fisher side by side with yours, to see how different are them , then tell us -- 4H TF

this is my FISHER in my archive (good indicators stored)


oke, tell us more later

will read this whole thread more carefully next time

but currently, I stayed with my own 4 favorite x-curr that I chosen

as the impression (few years ago) , JPY could have half day return, and euro is risky, so I stay off most of the time

i.e. did read your strategy stated briefly, but do not USE MY HEART to try to practice it

as my current strategy, should allow me to do good protection on the fail side


I also discovered something about S2 and R2 level, that I put up my whole method -- that one SEEMS TO BE VERY EASY TOO

i.e. either no entry (most of the time)

if you enter rebound on weekly S/R 2 level, if it fail, so easy to protect the losing side

I put it somewhere here, but I forgot which thread , with dig too

I imagine weekly s2 / r2 level is based on last week price range, so we know straight away on monday afternoon -- recommend it as it is so easy to set up limit order and do nothing whole week

but I did not try it, as my human instinct, with no orders, then I will try to hold on any 1 order or gut instinct, then worry a lot afterward if it turn out to be fail


in our heart, we always want something like that

wait for big nights like last night. It will come

either , don't dip our foot into the dangerous water (NEWS)


after we occasionally get into forex, it only produce BREAK EVEN or WINNING RESULT

but hard NOT TO BETS and have no transaction on hand -- so it is hard to do



I trade on live accounts on OANDA. I only use MT4 for signals. The screenshot is my nephew's acct. He's almost doubled his money with the strategy I taught him.

Losses are minimized due to closing signals. Go to the beginning of the thread to see the rules.

Forward test.. be patient.. and wait for big nights like last night. It will come =)

good luck!


joe blogs
joe blogs  


nice going!

its gives me some inspiration, and to have a proper look,

anything like that's got to be better than my gamble trading techniques!

ill have another look at the Fish alert when i get a few spare hrs, if i cant manage it, ill ask the masters if they will have a look

ive found another with full alerts, but not sure how good that is over the fish, but the alerts seem very useful

also found a load of others without alerts which are nt too good either - i must of found 20-30 variations so far

and your Fish seems possibly the best so far

can you tell what Bigbear's FTC is please, as i could nt find on Bigbears thread,

also i was wondering why you prefer this over Big bears strategy or is this just better?



Hi WR1,

Here is BigBear's FTC (floor to ceiling)

I basically use his strategy to anticipate my entries. You can think of my fishing strategy as a filter I guess.

An additional filter I use at times is a COG indicator. Trading in the direction of the COG increases winning % (but less trades).

I'm fortunate enough to live close to Bear so we had a cup of coffee and he shared his approach to trading and it has made me a better, more patient, trader.

You don't need a couple of hours to try this strategy. Just set an alarm every 4 hours and spend a few minutes to check the screen for entries/closing signals. After that, just close it and go enjoy life =)



LIVE account, you did not say -- DEMO or REAL money account

anyway, may I suggest something good to try out too -- forward testing

ask for a micro account with your own time zone clock --- remember, you must specify micro account (by email or they got chat button there)

I am not pro-fxcm, but in real account , I lost big twice

first time, real money real 1 pip 1 usd account -- at that time, I don't know forex much except clicking a lot

second time (after few years), I try with success, 20K initially, now, I almost got 20.195K, once, I got 20,200 few days ago

i.e. even with micro lot -- 1 pip only mean 0.1 USD, I won most of the time

but my habit change when I just got 100 USD left to play with micro, my thinking become PUT IT ASIDE and let the loss rolling with wrong strategy applied before the news

now, not much money left in the real micro account with fxcm , just about 30USD , they cut me off automatically whenever I got 30USD or 500 USD left (depend on open trans holding I guess)

anyway, fxcm, you ask for or download software call FXTRADING Station

it is not complex as limit order as MT4, double click, type in a number, you can do MOST of the things

i.e. the feature is easy to use, and the DEMO is very very close to REAL account

guess, you have to have 250USD at least, to play 1 or 2 micro-lots with hedge etc

and I got stuck because, after 2 orders, I can't place further limit orders, and I either close it or put more money into it -- better not to answer margin call requirement too (somewhere teach me)

got stuck because , the 100 USD left with some loss, then the whole account become EXIT or STOP PLAYING

-- -but the features is good, easy to use, just use MT4 for charting (any one -- I use roboforex, sometime it gives me 4 digits)

i.e. wanna to tell you to get a free DEMO java platform that continue to do YOUR TESTING and the FAST FEATURE probably make life easier -- if you do real money with micro with fxcm, then it is OUT OF MY SCOPE of recommendation here, but take me 1 or 2 days to understand MT4 limit order-- and I never use MT4 for LIVE TRADING anyway

features include

easy to understand statement

place complex order, with a few click

have to change to double click features

these 3 are already good enough to get a DEMO micro-lot one with your own time zone (your own time zone, so you know when your order executed, not with GMT, stupid green mean brit time)