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Binary options are worse gambling then playing roulette because if you put $10 on red and red comes you get 100% back here by binary options you get mostly 70 -80% win. Most binary brokers are unregulated! The brokers don't make money on spreads, only on your losses! Don't rely on the platform indicator Buy 57% - Sell 47%! Baloney! How do you know who count it (broker)? Another problem on 60 second binary options is slow execution! If you make some money stay below radar - work with a few brokers and withdraw won money periodically. Brokers are humans and humans are envious!

Good indicators for binary options are: BB, RSI (10), Average Volume indicator (low volume no good for BO!), and ADX. You need to apply Martingale progression if you want to win. Worst enemy of binary options trades are sideways markets and NEWS! Read a news before trading! Trade only London and N.Y. sessions but not at the opening of sessions. Delay at least 30 minutes. Check the situation on your chart on live broker before entering a trade! No trades after 3pm EST and Fridays (low volume). The problem is the most brokers don't offer demo BO to try.

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P.S. Think so, if BO would be easy everybody would be millionaire! Who do you think would pay for it - Federal Reserve? Don't go with the crowd!

Tip for BO Broker: Trade Smarter (24 H open, offers gold). Problem is that many brokers don't accept US traders. Check those BO brokers: Opteck, 24Options, TradeRush, iOptions, Zone Options, Fine XO and Trader XP.

OH, I forget: Never take bonuses, you will be slave!


I forget in the BO.pdf the important things: Gap - no trade! Extra large candle - no trade! Holidays low volume - no trade! Range market - no trade! Narrow BB channel - no trade! Watch for inside bar candles for a clue! Install IB indicator on chart to wake you up. One more BO broker eTORO.

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hi. i installed it on my mt4 but it is not showing on a chart. what did i do wrong? It lists as the indicator but does not show. Do you have a scrren shot?

I use this indicator also; It should be an atachment here. Just wondering if there is non repainting arrow indicator for trend change that is fast and does not appear 3 or more candles later?

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explain the way this indicator works properly please.

If you already have a strategy that is somewhat effective, you can try a custom indicator that I built to help you get into a trade at the right moment. Keep in mind with binary options you don't need a whole lot of winning trades you just need about 3 or 4 winning trades a day to make it profitable. Use good money management for example trade no more than 6% of your account and with each winning trade make sure your trading the 6%. a couple of things will happen as you win. 1. it takes two trades to recover from 1 loss. if you use this money management as outlined the more winning trades you get the less a loosing trade will put you back. There should be an attachment called "TimeLineSpecial.mq4". place the indicator in your indicator directory and add it to your chart. Take trades according to your strategy that appear in the "sweetspot"

Hi, the binary buddy indicator is just working to the euraud pair and still just the long term. Could someone fix it?



i have test and here is my results.

I think if you use the indicators with this broker you will be successfull.

the author recomments this broker:

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