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How do you feel

Hey mladen,mr tools,newdigital

I would like an answer from all three if possible I was just wondering if you guys have an objective view about this arena which has been around for a while but seems to be now gaining steam like overall personally how do ya'll feel about trading binaries?

And I know usually ya'll would just provide the raw 3 party perspective on a topic but do you guys personally like binaries or no?,like mladen I know you don't like forex volume(or offline charts) which is why momentum indy's are amongst your favorite type of indy's(me too) but would any of ya'll try your hand in this if not already please share your personal opinions on this subject thanks Max


@madhalt30 how do i use the time lime indicator please explain


@madhalt30 the TimeLineSpecial gives me the following parameters on my chart USD/JPY H4,can you please explain each parameters.

Option Expires M1 2012.11.14. 09.25 79.87


I am currently using a Binaries broker and im very much satisfied with i havent been into doing too much research into binaries brokers....who is using which broker???


I'm using traderush right now


Is it just me or are binary options a rip off?

First of all you get a return less than your risk and then you are at the mercy of their price feed when a matter of a fraction of a pip can mean you making or losing your stake. I had a look this morning and have looked in the past and I can see that with discipline it could be made to be profitable but it's not for me.

I think the proliferation of new companies promoting this type of "trading" is fuelled by nothing more than the fact that the vast majority of players will lose everything and usually very quickly. Ask yourself who you are betting (sorry trading) against?


I very agree...

I very agree with you Hugh Briss Because I have tried it before. It's look easy but we cannot win constantly.


There's no doubt that the big draw is the ability to make high profits over a short time frame and these are the headline rates that people look at. However the reality is that is hard to make consistent returns.

I'm personally keeping away from the 60 second stuff as this looks a good way for a broker to take your money - spreads and dubious pricing make it hard to profit from those options no matter what strategy you use.