FINAL UPDATE- 1 Apr, 2008 :Attached is the final version of my EA (and supporting files), along with instructions. This EA has made me so much money over the last few months, that I no longer have time to support it, what with then flying lessons, the travel, the women and fast cars... *

The last revision was announced in post #492. Post #524 directed you here; so below is an outline of the latest changes:

Although it appears there is not a lot of action left on this thread, I am posting my final version of my Synergy EA. Frankly, I have never really found settings that prove profitable on trading this, although I have certainly not tested all the permutations by far. Thus I am moving on to other projects. But there were a few final changes, and therefore I wanted to post one more package.

The greatest change was purely internal: I cleaned up the code, making it smaller and more efficient. But this should not affect its functioning.

The functional changes / features that were added are as follows:

1) Additional trailing stop types have been added. These were not done specifically for Synergy; they were merely additions to my standard trailing stop code, and I thus thought I would enable them within Synergy as well, so you will see additional trail options in the inputs. Among them are the ability to trail using Parabolic, a given Moving Average line, or Price Channel Stop (the only non-standard indicator; this one is similar in behaviour to parabolic. The indicator is included in the package). These new types are explained more in the instructions document.

2) The definition of what constitutes a higher timeframe trend has changed, based on some feedback from a member here who thought it would help. The "TrendHTF_Minutes" setting should still be set to zero if you do NOT want to use higher TF trend confirmation, and to the minute value of the higher TF if you do (so 60 for hour, 1440 for daily, 10080 for weekly, etc). But there is also a new setting called "HA_CandlesAbovePAC". This should be set to the minimum number of candles (on that upper TF) that you want to require to establish a trend on that upper TF. To establish a long trend, the HA candles on that TF need to be the same colour, with "HA_CandlesAbovePAC" of them in a row closing above the PAC (on that higher TF). Reverse for short of course.

I believe that is all the changes, or at least all the significant ones. Please read over the instruction manual for detailed info.

- - - - - - - - -

Also... I have had feedback from two or three users telling me they are having the best luck with the 4 hours charts. Coenraad offered me a .set file, which has been included in the package if you'd like to try it. It is called "Synergy_H4_eu-gj-gu-uj-uc.set" because he recommended using it with those 5 pairs. Thanks to Coenraad for sharing.

As usual, the system is posted on post #65. I see Chris had also put the system on post #1, so perhaps he will do that again.

Good luck to all, I hope my little donation can make some of your some pippage!

* Okay, that's not true... April fools!


Good day all:

Someone on another group just posted a link here, informing me about this discussion already in progress on the synergy system.

I created an indicator for this last week, and have been looking for ways to improve the system (with additional rules or indicators), to try to cut down some of the bad trades.

I see there is already an indicator posted... but mine is a bit different, so some might want to check it out. First off, I have programmed it not to paint redundant entry or exit signals, and second, I have it posting how many pips it would have made/lost on each trade, as well as a 2 letter abbreviation for why it exited the trade.

Take a look; hopefully I can get some good input here and improve it. It may already be profitable, but I would like to get rid of more of the losing signals, and then I will make an EA as well.

Disturbing was the post about TDI repainting. I'm not sure if that will invalidate the system. Also, interested in the TDI posted with the extra dotted line. Can anyone recommend rules for it's use to increase profitability of trades?

i have tried to load this, and it isnt laoding correctly...doesnt even show up in meta ...can someone please help with this...also, is anyone still using this stuff???

thanks...please help !!!!


is anyone still using derk's "synergy' EA in post 65??

also ... i am unable to load this correctly...doesnt even show up in meta ...

please help !!!



is anyone still using derk's "synergy EA" from post 65???

i have tried to load this unsuccessfully...doesnt even show up in meta...can someone please help!!??!!!

thanks ....


Unpack .zip file into main folder of metatrader & everything will be fine( read word .doc first, it is explained totally ) I downloaded again - link works. Good luck!

p.s. Derk did the great job. EA is Great!


Synergy Settings


I would like to do some forward testing of the EA. Could you post a settings file that produces good results? Please include info on currency pairs and timeframes for testing.

Thanks for your trouble.

You can find all the indicators and files on post 565 and 65. The EA I posted is a version I am working on to fix the bugs and trying to make work. I will keep testing a post the settings that work for me.

Any update??

Derk Wehler
Derk Wehler  
I disabled this part and the exits worked like charm, but only on one pair. Does anybody know how to fix this part so the SynergyEA?


//if (OrderSymbol() != Symbol() ||

// OrderMagicNumber() != MagicNumber ||

// OrderType() != op)

// continue;

I would like to use it on different pairs, so far I getting good results on one pair 15MIN

That part of the code simply assures that the EA attached to the chart only closes trades:

a) Of the same pair (as the chart)

b) Of the type passed into the function (so just buys or just sells)

c) Having the correct magic number (the number assigned by the EA, so it does not close manual trades or trades opened by another EA).

Removing that code is not going to help you; it's going to cause you problems.

I suggest you find a coder that knows what he is doing if you want changes made. This EA/strategy I never witnessed as profitable, and I have abandoned it. These days I need to spend time on paid jobs to pay the bills, so unfortunately, I can dedicate no more time to this.

Good luck,



had problems getting this EA loaded the other day ... went back and reloaded the zip from post #65, unzipped into the metatrader/experts folder ... i can now see it on platform, BUT ... now i cant seem to attach to a chart ...

what am i doing wrong now ...lol??? is there some other template or something i need to install ???...

please help ... thank you!!!


nevermind ...i got it. operator error !!!

question: i've been through this thread, and probably just missed it...but i am also looking for the "indicators package" of this strategy ... by what i see, this EA has no graphics ... i would like to be able to visually see what the EA is doing trade wise via the indicators.

again ... i probably just missed in here somewhere, so i apologize...but can someone please direct me to the most recent updated indicators file.

thank you!!!!!


the just loaded EA initiated first trade (15min TF/euro), opened 2 trades though at same price...

supposed to do this???